rhogam shots and rubella vaccinations connection?

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    Hi, haven't been here in years! My biggest pain is daily migraine headaches. Although I do have fibro, which the flu aches range from severe to not bad at all.

    My migraines progressed and kept getting worse after each baby. I believe that it is partly due to the shots I got thru out the years. When I was 21 and newly married, my Doc said I was I needed a rubella vaccination, just in case I got pregnant. I got pregnant in 85 ,88, 94, 2004. The first 2 pregnancies I recieved a rubella vaccination. Plus 2 rhogam shots each of the 4 pregnancies. Total of 3 rubella, 6 rhogam as an adult. I was shocked to see the news show 60 mins. that had women who recieved the rubella vaccination as women develop headaches and aches (arthritis) long term. Maybe thats why they stopped giving women rubella shots after giving birth. After my last birth at age 42, my migraines were daily plus my fibro got worse.

    I am curious to find out if anyone , has had the same experience, or feel that this has something to do with our pain? I feel if anything, these shots, and the mercury in them (whatever else was in them) has contributed to the body's toxic load.

    Blessing to all
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