Rhuemy won't return my calls, anyone else ex. this?

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  1. claudiaw

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    Hi all, I haven't been on in a long time. I have been doing poorly. Cant type much but I'm in a dilema that has me so scared and stressed, I had to write and get help.

    My last visit to my rhuemy was stressful, because the time before that I had asked his nurse for an appt. to ask the doc for a stronger pain med. darvocet was not enough.

    She thought I just wanted a script w/o an appt. ( we asked for an appt. her mistake)so she proceeded to call me a 'drug seeker and doc hopper" in the waiting room! I was so hurt.

    My husband told them on the phone she should be fired. Well it got back to her, so our next appt. was a bit stressful, but we talked, ( she didn't admit any wrong doing)but I thought it was over.

    anyway he basically just refills the same script's, doesn't want to think about or answer our questions, so I asked about another type of doc, like an endocrine doc. he gave me a name, I lost it and called back.

    Well he left the name on my cell which when I went to delete one message it deleted ALL my saved messages.

    I have called twice, my husband even stopped by the office and left a message, we have not heard a thing.

    Should I call again and complain or what? I would just move on, but this doc wrote the letter that went to the state for my disability hearing ( which I won) but now I'm afraid he has something bad in my file.

    I know I will need more letters for SS to keep my disability, I don't know if it will hurt me if he isn't the one to write them.

    I have no GP, mine quit to care for ill mom. He's the only one who know's me. I'm scared to star over. And the whole file thing ( drug seeker? difficult?) and disability letters have me worried.

    Anyone else have this happen, how did it turn out?

    thanks in advance for any help. Hope this made sense. I tried to state alot in a short time for your sake and mine.:)

  2. Engel

    Engel New Member

    what a doofus ... i hate these lazy dr's ... mine is lazy too.
  3. claudiaw

    claudiaw New Member

    It's more than being lazy, I'm afraid he can hurt my reputation by what my be written in my file.

    the nurse falsely accused me of doctor shopping because she said he wouldn't give me anything stronger so I would need to see someone else.

    SHE said to see another doc for stronger pain med's THEN accused me of doctor shopping! She just kept making it worse! The more we talked the more confused and mean she got. Who know's what she told thw doctor.

    I tried to explain the misunderstanding to him, but apparently he will take her side I'm sure.

    What do I do now?

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  5. claudiaw

    claudiaw New Member

    Thanks for the advice. I did tell the doc after the nurse left the room. He seemed disinterested.

    I think a letter would just end up in the trash, or they would just think I'm trying too hard to be right, so I must be a "problem'.

    i was thinking of requesting my file, don't know how to get a doc to change anything in it. If he won't even call me back, how will he change my file?

    Thanks for the help though.:)

    best wishes,
  6. Engel

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    I asked for copies of my files and still have not gotten them. DR said (when I reqst'd) we will fax whatever they (other DRs) need. Grrrrrrrr. Must be stuff in there she doesn't want me to see???????

    Good suggestion I just noticed: Put it in a letter ... I guess that is what I will have to do?
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    You need to find a new physician NOW. Preferably a physciatrist (not psychiatrist) or a rheum who specializes in fibro. If you feel comfortable telling me what state and city you are in I can ask my physiatrist to see if he knows anyone he would recommend.

    The nurse broke HIPPA federal regulation regarding patient privacy and needs to be reported to the appropriate board. RN, LVN, CNA. If she is simply a receptionist, then the govt needs to be notified that HIPPA guidelines are not being followed in that office. First thing to check is to to see if its licensed by the State of ?. If it is, you job is simple. Call in a patient care/rights complaint for the Department of Health, Licensing and Certification and they will investigate. If the office isnt licensed, it may be credentialed AMCQ/JCAHO...same deal....call or write and lodge a complaint with that accreditation organization .

    You wont be able to get medical records without writing a request for them and putting your signature on that request. (HIPPA guidelines). The doctors office has the right to charge you a REASONABLE amount to photocopy (I believe the standard is 10cents per page. You own your medical records....they only own the paper they are printed on so dont ever let anyone get away with saying you cant view them or have them (there is an exception with psychiatrists)

    Carolyn Bowen
  8. Rnclegal

    Rnclegal New Member

    If your doctor changes your file, he is eligible for a huge fine and possible loss of license. Would be very stupid of him.

    Carolyn Bowen

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