Rib and chest wall pain..

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    Costrochondritis? I am thinking it is.. but not sure..
    I have been sick with the upper respitory bug and its been three weeks.. finally started feeling some better now but.. then got the awful cough.. about half way thru it.. I've been to the Drs 4 times.. including the last one on Wednesday.. but 1st time no antibiotics.. 2nd time they did.. third trip.. the coughing.. but.. about a week ago when i finally had gotten some the antibiotics.. and took the last pill.. not sure if I pulled muscles or what but it hurts so bad under the right breast and goes right around to my back.. to almost the middle..
    ugh.. hurts to take a deep breath and sneezing.. Oh.. hate to even think about that.. when that happens.. but.
    my question is.. anyone else get this bug and have it go into something else? They keep saying my lungs were clear.. they did xray a few months ago.. from a cold.. not sure why when there was no wheezing.. but this time.. she had them take 4.. I am done with Xrays.. I have had enough.. but.. not heard anything so i am thinking everything is Ok..
    When I mentioned the Costrochondritis.. she said maybe or pulled muscle.. but still did the Xrays..
    But now its in my breast it hurts all over it.

    I did get new bras.. the Bali 4888 Sports bra.. and it is so comfortable!.. so.. I went to get another.. and when I did.. ended up trying the Playtex Sports bra.. that was a 4888 style too.. ( if I am looking at it right)
    but that is really comfy too.. the bottem comes down and covers everything if You have the right size.. and I did get help.. but anyways.. the playext.. one today after I washed it again.. felt too big in the cup.. but.. I don't know maybe from not holding me up well today.. if that could have something to do with the way the support was.. I just know it hurts bad today.. and still up under the breast.. and around.. still when taking a deep breath..
    Soon as the pain subsides i know its time to get my mammogram again but.. its hurting too bad right now to go get it done..
    Can anyone maybe describe their pain from the Costro.. or maybe a pulled muscle in that area?
    I still have a cough but.. nothing like it was..
    I feel like I am in a flare too with this weather so.. I am sure that doesn't help at all..
    But thank You for any replies..
    Healing Hugs,
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    are you sure you don't have pleurisy? I had it years ago....OMG.....terrible pain in my ribs like I couldn't take a deep breath. I think I have costo.....but when I get this awful pain I can usually stop it by drinking a hot liquid immediately. If you have a rice sock, heat it up and apply to the pain area.
  3. MsBrandywine

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    Well. had my 5th Drs appointment today, they took Xrays last week and they all came back ok..
    She checked me and she is saying it is a pulled muscles around maybe a cracked rib but it didn't show up on the xrays.. seems like she told me the same thing from before a few yrs ago.. only then she didn't do the xrays,

    But on my paperwork it just says rib pain.. to take Ibuprofen and use the heat.. she said it should heal in about 6 weeks.. I told her about the breast pain I have now.. it comes and goes.. and sometimes when I take a deep breath.. today it was yucky out and it was worse? ugh.. this is getting awful..

    Last week when I went.. the other Dr checked me.. she said to use Vicks on it.. and ice.. and then heat.. ice sure didn't set well with me.. cold makes me feel worse!..

    Seems like I have done something like this before but.. it was a long long time ago.. so.. it made me think of the Dr I had from the time I was 13 up until she retired.. pretty much.. and she said I had the fibrocystic breasts..and that was years ago..
    So.. nothing was mentioned about coming back, unless it got worse but she did say something about my mammogram.. Supposed to get that done the end of June. I have put it off the last 2 yrs because about 2 yrs ago. I had done something to the left side of my ribs.. and I know that was terribly painful.. and I remember going all summer with the pain.. then it was like an on and off again type thing.. and I had to get sport bras to wear and that even bothered it.. But with the pain from that.. I sure wasn't about to stick my breast in a mammogram and have it squished.. nor even now..

    Then on Facebook .. someone posted about the padded bras and even regular ones that they need to be washed a few times before wearing.. that they can have some kind of parasite in them because they are all made over seas.. and that sure didn't help how I feel after reading that but I don't see any marks on my breasts anyplace.. they just ache really bad most of the time.. and its like around the edge. then yesterday it started all over the breast area.. so..
    I thought maybe from the new bras.. because they didn't really hold me up.. high.. but it hurts to have them up and real tight.. it hurts all over to wear them like that..
    I am tired alot now.. I did forget to ask her about getting a lymes disease blood test.. will call her back tomorrow .. not sure if she is in but will call anyways and see..
  4. MsBrandywine

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    I've been checked for that several times. and they keep telling me everything is Ok..
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    Even my friend had pain due to Costrochondritis. She got the condition treated at Corrective Chiropractic & Wellness.
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    consult a doctor
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    Hi. I was diagnosed with Costrochondritis in 1993. I had chest pains and thought I was having a heart attack. The doctor told me to take Ibuprophen 600mg, and it really helped. He described it as inflammation of the muscles around the heart. Hope this helps.
  8. Jeremy G.

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    Have you tried having a massage therapist work through your intercostal muscles, pectorals, scalenes, SCM's and subclavius? All of those can go into spasm with violent coughing and/or sneezing. If that's not the problem, in the very least you'll have a good treatment that can help respiration on many levels.