Rib cage and sternum burning pain

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by gila, Sep 16, 2004.

  1. gila

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    Has anyone experienced a burning pain in the rib cage and sternum. Sometimes it feels almost like a cardiac problem. The area is also very tender to the touch. I have some suspicion that it may result partly from exercising with weights (nothing too heavy, just very light ones).

    Another problem is: does anybody suffer from strong and sometimes quick heart beats?
    It makes me crazy.
  2. stillfighting

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    You may want to check with your doctor on these symptoms. It could just be FM, but it would be terrible to guess wrong if it is heart problems.

    Hope you feel better!

  3. socialworkgeny

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    i have costochondritis and pleurisy. the costo is where the cartilage in the breastbone area becomes inflammed and painful resulting in chest pains. the pain can be stabbing, burning, etc. the plerissy is where ur ribcage and areas near the breastbone is sore. it is very painful and both kinda go away on their own. at least in my case, meds didnt help me. in addition to that i have tachycardia and high blood pressure. all of these problems can mimic chest pains for those who have cardiac issues. being on meds helps both the tachycardia tremendously. the cardiologist diagnosed me w/something called cushing's syndrome. i know it has to do w/your adrenal glands but that is about all i can tell u. u need to pay the doc a visit so they can get u some answers but more importantly, relief.
  4. Lucysue

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    Yes, I have the same costochondritis pain the previous poster wrote of. The weight lifting is most likely what injures that area...funny, I think I did the same thing and no longer lift. The thing about the costo type pain is that usually it can be ...I want to say "referred" but that is not the right word..but anyway, you can make it hurt by pushing on that area, just like you said.

    Unfortunatly we are more likely to have this type of pain and it can be chronic for us instead of heal on it's own in 6 weeks or so like healthy people.

    We definately have to be careful, though, not to ignore symptoms that may be heart related and have that checked. Then when it happens again and feels the same way we will know what it is.

    Good luck, Cindi
  5. Musyn

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    I've got costochondritis, also - but haven't had a flareup in years.

    Mine was from lifting and carrying my 2 and 3 yr olds around so much. When I was able to stop that (heh, they are teens now!), it went away.

    Sometimes gardening - trying to carry something heavy like soil - will bring a flare... an otc pain reliever and ice pack helped alot.

    Good luck tracking down your source(s)! maybe it's the type of weight lifting you are doing?
  6. dorabella

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    I get this in flares avery so often. Sometimes it's just a burning sensation, sometimes a burning pain that runs mostly along under the breasts (roughly following the diaphragm and lower ribs) and sometimes little burning stabs that run along the ribs either side of the sternum. I had a particularly bad flare of this checked out less than a month ago, and had it diagnosed as 'neuritis'. Doctor said that burning along the lower ribs cage is usually a sympton of neuritis, whereas the pain which we all experience in the upper ribcage and sternum is symptomatic of the dreaded costchondritis. If you've been lifting weights, even light ones, that would probably acount for the pain in the sternum - I know when I do too much of anything involving the upper chest musculature I suffer the same way. The thumping heart that you are experiencing is also symptomatic of unnaccustomed exercise and FM
  7. gila

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    Thanks for the good advice. It is reassuring to know that I am not alone. I was not sure about the cause of the burning pain, but with your help it will be easier to avoid it in the future. I exercise every day, so it will be a shame to skip the weight lifting part, but...

    I am new to this site. The warm response helped me a lot and I hope to stay in touch and be able to help others too.
  8. sarahann61

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    Hi Gila, I have had problems with the burning & pain in

    chest area. It will come on suddenly, feels like my lungs

    are on fire. My Dr. told me you do not have any feeling in

    your lungs. I also have an enlarged area at the top of my

    sternum, its a lump that is enlarged enough to be visible.

    Every Dr.that I have asked about it , says its the arthritis.

    One time I was feeling of it & noticed it was mushy

    feeling, was pressing down on it and immediately had the

    burning & tightness in my chest, had the feeling I was

    dying. It went away in a couple of hrs. Have you noticed

    any thing like that. I would like to know what it is.
  9. gila

    gila New Member

    I am not sure we are talking about the same kind of pain, I feel nothing in the lungs. It is more a burning sensation in the bony area. Touching it makes it more painful. And, no, I have no lumps. I guess there are many variations.

    The most important thing is that as long as we know it is a temporary situation and there will be better days too, it is easier to cope. It was cary when I thought I was the only one to experience such conditions. Take care and have many good days