Rib Cage Hurting

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by malsmom, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. malsmom

    malsmom New Member

    I have the sharpest pain on my rib cage. They are going to do an xray to see what is causing this. Has anyone ever had this problem?

  2. cindymindy

    cindymindy New Member

    Hi Nadine, nice to meet you. I have pain in my lower right ribs. Had an x-ray about 2 years ago and something foreign showed up. Then had a scan, can't remember the name of it, and nothing showed up. From what I hear its a normal thing with fibro. I thought my fibro started in my shoulders and neck but after I found out rib pain is a symptom I realzed it started there. I've had this pain for years. Very uncomfortable, hard to get it to ease up. Hope you're feeling better. cindymindy
  3. WakeMeUp

    WakeMeUp New Member

    I remember I had this years ago, and it scared me to death. It went away on its own after a while. I do think it is part of the disease. I've read on the FM/CFS board of others who had sore ribs too.
    Take care.
  4. mara123

    mara123 New Member

    When I am very tired my rib cage really hurts.
  5. solargirl451

    solargirl451 New Member

    I read with great interest your letter on rib cage pain and all of your replies. I too have suffered from rib pain, actually it's more like a deep soreness. It's a discomfort I always seem to have, but becomes much worse when I lean against something like a chair, or lay in bed. I toss & turn most of the night sometimes because of the pain/discomfort/soreness. Sometimes the pain feels like I have broken ribs. My pain is mostly in my back from the scapulas down and under both of my arms and down, rarely in the front. ~~~~ Thanks for writing and asking about this, because I guess I just never thought anyone else had this but me. ~~~~ I hope you feel better.

  6. PaDutchman52

    PaDutchman52 New Member

    I get that also. I just got over having a bout with it for about 2 weeks. Feels like someone had beat me up, it was very painful to say the least. It ran all the way down my side, leg, back and arm. It finally has gone away (for now ) but I attributed it to alot of stress at the time. Hope you are feeling better!

  7. WakeMeUp

    WakeMeUp New Member

    do a web search on it. Someone else called it contra costochondritis. From what I gather, it is inflammed cartlidge of the rib cage.

    Hope this helps.
  8. mardi

    mardi New Member

    I have experienced the same thing with my ribcage..so painful and felt like I was having a heart attack..then when I asked my dr. what the problem was..he told me it was my chestwall..fibro..he also told me this is the reason my breasts hurt so bad and were so tender..it's not nice to have and is very painful....
    hope this info helps you..
  9. socialworkgeny

    socialworkgeny New Member

    was a diagnosis they gave w/me along w/costochondritis. costo is where the cartilage between breastbone becomes inflamed. a form of arthritis and quite common w/fm. pleurissy is where ur rib cage is sore and hurts esp. when breathing in or laughing. they can occur together or separate. not really any meds that stopped my pain i just had to deal w/it. vicodin took the edge off so i could sleep but he just put me on bedrest for a week. and unfortunately costo is very active (and regular) w/my fibro but i haven't had ongoing issues w/pleurissy in about 2 years. hope this helps. socialworkgeny
  10. Luvsthesouth

    Luvsthesouth New Member

    Hi Nadine,
    I am very new here.
    I have Fibro. plus I.B.S. I began experiencing
    severe pain underneath my right rib cage that radiated
    into the back of my shoulder blade on the right side, too.
    Well, this began Oct. 8. I excused this as just pulled
    muscle until I began experiencing losing about 35 pounds
    in only 2 months... I ended up going to my family doc.
    He put me in the hospital because of severe dehydration.
    Oh, I am 49yrs old, female. anyways.. he thought I had
    pancreatitis. So, he referred me to the same Gastro
    Doc. I had before who told me "I was mental" and all
    my pains were in my head... to say the least..
    while my family doc did do an MRI it showed up that I
    have a spot on my pancreas. Then, this other Doc
    I saw in the Gastro. Dept.. set me up for an endosope
    thing where he looked at my pancreas and was suppose
    to do a biopsy.. well, to my dismay.. he says,
    "You don't have a spot." Then, after the procedure..
    I could not hold anything down and in so much pain
    I had to go see him pronto. He was mad because
    I was taking up his time. Well, he begins to say,
    You need a counselor, excersize, and bio feedback
    in which I already have been through!!!
    Then, after Jan. 3 (the procedure) plus seeing him
    in his office because he wanted me to bring in the MRI
    my family Doctor had done. Then, he walks in and says
    "YOu do have a spot on your pancreas". This big..
    in which I must wait until it gets bigger so I can do
    a biopsy... (now, I don't know about all this..)
    because, I am sitting here hurting so badly.
    He finally gave me Neurotin, because he reniged on saying
    I might have a spot.. or maybe not..
    anyways this neurotin.. does not, has not helped me...
    Not to mention I am on Lipram CR so I can try to eat.
    Has anyone checked your pancreas? Or at least done an MRI?
    I am so sorry you have to go through this.
    I am suffering alone because I have a husband who well..
    thinks it is all in my head.. the fibro... and other pain as well. I get in trouble if I lay down to rest!
    Nice to meet you.
  11. storm515

    storm515 New Member

    I am really sorry to hear that everyone thinks it is in your head. I have been having the same problems. I keep having these spasms on my right side an it is very painful. Every time I go to have it looked at by an MRI or other test they keep telling me it is just my IBS. But it is so painful I can not rest. Everyone I know just looks at me like I am crazy. Just like yourself we know what pain is and it is not in our mind it is real. I hope you find an answer an I hope you find someone who understands an relizes it is real. God Bless You
  12. beeve

    beeve New Member

    I have this pain on my right side of my rib cage also
    I find it gets worse when I wear tight pants, I get relief when i put on looser pants,I always thought it was just a tender spot.I have had many ex-ray's on it and they find nothing.Let me say there is a lot of pain for nothing being there.I have fybromyalgia and I have had it since I was a little girl. From Beeve
  13. 2livewell

    2livewell New Member

    Yes, My left side of my rib cage is where my Fibro pain was the worst, I had x-ray's and every test you could think of, and everything looked fine, but it was KILLING me, nothing helped. It eventually moved to my hip then hip and Knee, and is still alittle in my rib cage when I over do it, the only thing that has helped me is Xango (mangosteen juice)
    check it out at www.Xang-O-Mangosteen.com
  14. nancy10753

    nancy10753 New Member

    I've had fibromyalgia for 20 years. About every 2-3 years or so, I'll have an episode of rib pain -- costochondritis -- but it usually only lasts a few days. However, for the first time this year, I've had pneumonia which caused pain in the ribs on my left side where the pneumonia was. So, if any of you have other symptoms like coughing or fever, do see the doctor right away. Otherwise, there's not much you can do for costochondritis except take pain medicine. Another thing I would warn people with FM about is NSAIDS (including aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen sodium) -- they are very risky for GI bleeding -- take it from me -- I've been hospitalized three times over the years for that problem. Now, I only take Tylenol and Ultram for my pain.
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  15. ImDigNiT

    ImDigNiT New Member

    After having this pain on and off for quite awhile, they finally discovered it was a huge gallstone. I just had it removed a couple of weeks ago and no more rib cage pain.

    Peaceful mind and body to all!
  16. Leenerbups

    Leenerbups New Member

    I have that pain too. They said it's part of the Fibro.And also called it costocondritis.

    But I have recently developed bad asthma, and the doctor said your lungs can actually hurt. I actually just got back from the ER, they did a cat scan and said I have a small scar on my left lung. :(
  17. Blueridge

    Blueridge New Member

    My first real troubling syptom years ago was a pain in my ribs that seemed to begin under my left breast. Stress made it worse, so my dr. said it was just stress. I went to a chiropractor a few years later who turned the juice up a little too high (I think) on the electric stimulator thingy that was attached to my back. Well, that triggered the pain and gave me the first real clue that the chest wall pain and back pain were connected. It was many years later that I was dxed with FMS and I met a psyiatrist who told me about trigger point injections--after several years of pain meds. She actually knew where the trigger point was that led to this pain. One shot, which I didn't even think much about since nothing much ever helped me before, kept me pain free for a month! She gave me another shot in that trigger point and that lasted for over 4 months. I have gone as long as 8 months without a shot. Now I get them BEFORE I start hurting so badly to ward off the bad pain. My rheumy gives them to me now. He never even mentioned them before over 4 years under his care. I finally talked him into trying for more trigger points to help the rest of my back. I can take up to 7 but that's the limit. Lidocaine can make your blood pressure drop so most docs only give a few at any time. There is NO cortisone--just lidocaine. There's lots on the web about it. In between shots, my hub "gouges" my trigger points which helps a lot. He rubs his finger into them as hard as he can until his arm about falls off. It hurts like heck, but relieves the pain a great deal once he's done. I just wish I had an "automated gouger" so I can have it done whenever I need it. Sorry to be so long. I hope this helps someone.
  18. tobelct

    tobelct Guest

    Hi all,
    I had rib pain for two years maybe longer afte awhile you forget how long.

    Any way I went to a fibro and fatigue specialist and he gave me some natural supplements to help with my pain, sleep problems, fibro fog, and ect.After taking endfatigue and natural supplemnet for just a few days I had a huge reduction in the pain in my ribs down my right lumbar down my left leg and in my shoulders. With in two weeks the burning pain across my ribs was gone and down my right lumbar. All other pain substancially decreesed.

    It was a great med but hard to get ahold of its always on back order. But the effects last for quite awhile so even if you do run out you can go for a bit without it cuasing to much discomfort.
  19. soffy

    soffy New Member

    Hello my name is soffy i have fm for more than 6 years now, but my first diagnostic was Chostochondritis because it first started with that kind of pain and discomfort in my lower ribs, i still have to deal with it and when i feel really tired it bothers me more, good luck to you and have a good day, even that my pain is real bad right now cause the humidity outhere.
  20. katiebug61

    katiebug61 New Member

    HI Nadine,
    I am trying to get over a round of pleurisy. I can tell you it is NOT a good thing to have either. Mine started out as what I thought was just a muscle spasm as I was sitting here at my desk.
    It continued to get stronger and stronger and then to point that if I took more than a baby breath, it felt as if I was being stabbed in the middle right chest with a knife and all the way through to the back. They put me in the hospital for 2 days. I was irradiated, illuminated, x-rayed and scanned.
    Found out my heart is in GREAT shape, and decided I had pleurisy. I have had 2 sons and I think this was worse than childbirth. There was no way to get comfortable. The only thing that helped a little was hi-powered IV anti-imflammatories.
    I have the rib pains also, but this was very different. It did NOT go away and left several sore spots on my right side rib cage. I can finally breathe now without thinking about it. I think the rib pains are very common with FM. Just another one of those special gifts that FM gives us!
    Hang in there,