Rib pain/costo Flare?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mommyinpain, Oct 31, 2006.

  1. mommyinpain

    mommyinpain New Member

    Can anyone tell me how long their symtpoms lasted when they had a flare of costo in the rib(lower right side)area?
    Thanks, MIP
  2. CanBrit

    CanBrit Member

    For the most part, I've been quite lucky. Usually it subsides in a couple of days. (Mine's on the right as well)

    I find I have to be very careful not to twist my body as that seems to lengthen the recovery time.

    Hope you get relief soon.

  3. mommyinpain

    mommyinpain New Member

    I appreciate your replies. I just wonder if anyones costo flares have lasted as long as my rib pain has lasted this time which is almost 4 weeks now. Hurts like the dickens. MIP
  4. mlrarr

    mlrarr New Member

    You just posted to my question about my ribs also. I had the same pain on my right side three years ago. I had x-rays, CT, Mri, colonospty (sp) then they went down the other end to look. Nothing. The doctor came in and poked at my ribs which sent me screaming!! Thats when they said I had Costo. All them test! I was so upset! Fibro, cfs, now this also. Oh yeah nothing they can do but give you the same old prescriptions. I was glad I didnt have a liver problem, which that is what I thought I had. I just knew I was on my way out, LOL!!!
    Now I am having it on the other side. When I feel my rib cage it hurts like heck! But I also hurt from my belly button to the back of my shoulder.
    I guess costo flares up like everything else we have. If I didnt find a reason to laugh I would go crazy LOL.
    I hope you get some relief. I take hot baths, heating pads and have my daughter rub out the knots between my ribs. After reading that book on natural cures I try not to take anything in prescription or over the counter form. Its tough though.
    Hugs again... Melinda
  5. mommyinpain

    mommyinpain New Member

    Thank you all so much for the replies.

    I had my daugther to rub and apply gentle pressure to the worse spots last night and I swear I hurt so bad afterward and all night that I didn't sleep hardly any. Today the pain is worse than it was yesterday.

    nanjee, thanks for the advice and I just thought to start using ice today and it does seem to help with the burning pain but as soon as I get up after applying the ice and start moving around the pain comes right back.

    Is there some combination of ice and heat or anything that will actually help this go away? I do have inflammation and do take hot epsom salt baths and I am on an anti-inflammatory (Volteran, which is making me sick). Also, Lortab for pain, which does help a little but doesn't take the pain completely away and besides, I can't take them constantly. I'm also on Zanaflex, which I believe gives me bad dreams or it seems to. Something is.

    I know you said it could last for months. I don't think I can stand it that long. The only relief I get is when I can actually get some sleep.

    Any at home remedies that you have tried that have worked?

    Sorry to go on so much. Just in so much pain and need some relief. MIP
  6. mommyinpain

    mommyinpain New Member

    and you are right. The pain is so bad. My Dr. also told me that it was a form of arthritis.

    Thanks for the advice. MIP
  7. g-ma_lass

    g-ma_lass New Member

    Hi. I'm new to this. I've had FM for 20 years (diagnosed for 15). I went to a spinal dr. this week who had done an MRI, thinking my low back, thigh, and shin pain was from L5 nerve stenosis. Only to find out that my spine is perfect (nice to know something is at 62). He thinks it is my FM and put me on neurontin. I decided to look at these postings to see if anyone has anything to say about it. I am not familiar with the term "costo" but my FM has manifested itself in one of my left ribs since the beginning. It is always tender and sometimes flares up with extreme pain. Sitting/driving is the worst. Your comment about the recliner is true but mine will let up if I lay on the heat pad--can only do so long before low back/leg pain starts. I'm interested to hear your reply

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