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    A lot of us seem to have this "Rib Cage pain" that goes by numerous names (hence the title of this post)
    I have had this for 10 yrs. and the Doctors have always called it "Muscle Spasms". I am then given a Non-steroidal
    Anti-inflammatory drug which usually helps until the next attack. I notice these attacks come on when I have to "reach up" ,or "lift up" anything. I also get this when "turning over" in bed. The pain comes on like I've been shot with a thunderbolt and it's so excrutiating that it just takes my breath away. I cannot say anything; just clench my teeth and wait for it to pass....
    I recently came across this website for "Prolotherapy"
    which states that they use injections which help to form thicker and stronger ligament and tendon tissue that can prevent the rib from "slipping".
    Has anyone else heard about this or had it done?
    Please give me your opinions on this............

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    I had costochondritis so bad when I lived in Colorado that I finally had to have the area between two ribs next to my sternum injected with a steroid locally. I am not a big fan of using steroids, especially systemically, but my pain was so great and was radiating down my arm and out my back that I could not sleep. I simply could not stand it any more. The injection lasted a full year until the seasonal sinusitis, bronchitis, and pneumonia hit me again the next winter. I had another and it also lasted a year.

    Finally, I wised up and moved to Florida where I have no asthma or any of the other above-mentioned problems.

    Love, Mikie
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    Can you please tell me exactly where the sternum is located? I believe that it is right below the breast area, inbetween the chest and the abnomen. I have alot of pain there and read that sternum pain is readily affected by fm. I get the pain just below the breasts(the bones in that area and I feel it right across). I guess you can say it is where the diaphram is located. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

    Gentle hugs,
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    Been suffering for weeks with Costochondritis. Mine never seems to go away completely. Tes, the sternum is the large long bone that goes from the neck area down to meet the diaphram bones. The ribs all attach to the sternum except for some free floating ribs at the bottom. When the sternum is inflamed it gives people the feeling of a heart attack, since it's in the middle of the chest. Right now, my diaphram bones are so inflamed and sore to touch. I also get pain in the free floating ribs down by my waist. Took the bra off today and went with the ribbed tank tops (like an undershirt) under the blouses and sweaters. What a relief from the pressure the bra puts on my rib cage. So far, I have asked three doctors about this costo and no great advice. They say to take an anti-inflamatory and use heat. Looks like I will be hooked up to some kind of heating pad 24/7. Wonder why so many of us with FM have the costo too?
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    That's interesting about you moving to florida and not having the problems anymore.
    I wonder if it's because of the humid heat out there.
    I've asked my husband many times for us to please move there (I have a cousin there in clearwater) but, he refuses because it's so humid. If it were up to him, we'd live in alaska (lol).....

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    I have had FM for more than 12 years. I started having the ribcage pain about 6 months after I had a head/neck injury 2 years ago. I found some relief when I did McKenzie approach physical therapy for my neck. Recently I posted about my fall on the ice and head injury (12/15) I started having the left collarbone and ribcage pain again the day after my tumble. My costochondritis seems to link with my neck symptoms somehow. Ofcourse I hurt in a lot of places since the accident but this rib pain is very familiar! I have never heard of this "slipping rib" theory. It is very interesting....

    Good question!
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    Hi HOB...
    I had no idea that my rib cage pain was related to my CFS and FM!! I thought it was from carrying my baby around in his carrier! The inflammatories work...only temporarily:(
    I live in TX and it is humid here...no relief. Maybe the person in FL is just lucky!!!
    Good luck.
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    I live in South Florida and have costochondritis all the time. Especially now, that we have a change in the weather. Now don't laugh--we hit 50 and I'm freezing and my ribs don't like it either. The only difference I notice about Florida is that the humidy makes the cold very damp and it goes to your bones. Now, I'm not an expert in Winter as I only spent one year in Chicago.
  9. Mikie

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    No, Florida is not everyone's cup of tea. After about a year, one does acclimate to the himidity and heat. Yes, when it "dips" into the 50's down here, we pansies have to wear fleece :)

    Some people actually feel worse in heat and humidity. For me, Denver's dry, thin, polluted air was causing asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, and finally pneumonia. The inflamation in my chest from all this infection was what caused the costo.

    I love living in Florida and am much healthier here. Some people here who have asthma from all the mold move to a dry climate and their asthma goes away. It's crazy. What is really nuts is that one of my allergies is to mold. Go figure!

    Love, Mikie


    I also have allergies with mold.
    I always check the weather stations out especially in summer
    because I began to notice a pattern that whenever the Mold
    Spores were extremely high, that is when my allergies were the worst.
    I also tease my cousin a lot about living in florida because they all shiver down there when it goes below 60!
    Here in chicago, 60 is balmy for us. (LOL)

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    Yes that's two problems I have, is that I don't drink enough water, and sometimes I can be a "junk food junkie".
    As far as going to a Chiropractor, I'm a little bit afraid of that. I once saw someone getting their neck "cracked"
    and the way it was "jerked" was so fast, that it kind of put me off.
    But massaging sounds nice.
    I've recently seen advertised "Heated Massaging Stones"
    that look interesting. (Don't know if that would help the Rib pain, but it sure looked very relaxing..)



    FOR MORE INFO........
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    When the Physical Therapist worked on my left shoulder blade pain due to disc disease in my cervical spine, she told me one of my ribs was slipping out of place. Is that what you mean? If so, it hurt so bad I could hardly breathe. I have continued to do the PT exercises at home and it really helps, but what helps even more is the maximum dose of Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM. I tried to cut down the dose and my pain came back in spades.
  14. Mariah

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    Klutzo- do you know of a Glucosamine/Chondroitin supplement that is smallish in size? I bought some a few years ago and they were so huge that I about choked swallowing them so had to give them up. I just can't do horse pills :(
    Wish I could find some that are small to medium...