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  1. Anyone get relief from muscle pain using Ribose? I have nerve damage and very painful muscles. My Doc,:) who dislikes Pharma as much as I do, has an FM patient doing well on Ribose and a gluten free diet. I also have FM, and eat anti-oxidant foods. Soon I will have to deal with this muscle pain though. The advantage to going off the Pharma was going from a size 18 to size 10. The muscle pain is creeping back.
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    I have taken Ribose (10 grams twice daily) for FM for two years and we have three (out of 7 ) other patients at our clinic who take it (same dose). Reports are that it has moderate benefit to none at all.. So seems like an individual matter. I don't know whether it helps me I just take it anyway, instead of sugar in my drinks.

    What we have found more significant in FM is 10,000IU vitamin D3 combined with 100mcg vitaminK2 and 400 Mg magnesium, plus 2grams EPA/DHA (omega 3 FAs). If you have ME/CFS as well, then a mitochondrial support regime should be added.

    note re: vitamin D: a dose of 5000IU is marginal in pain reduction but 10,000IU is quite significant. To take 10,000IU you should get a blood test to confirm that your calcium levels are normal.

    We have found the gluten free diet to be of benefit for two people but the others find it does nothing. I found it of no benefit. Gluten free diets for non coeliacs can be of benefit because immune system diseases like ME cause gut dysbiosis and this in turn means that gluten is not properly digested in these diseases but not all people have the same gut problems.

    What did you mean by nerve damage? If you have small fibre neuropathy then vitamin D will definitely help.
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    D-Ribose has been helpful for me I think. It is hard to tell at this point, because I have been using it now for a couple of years. I started out on a very low dose, and worked my way up to two scoops per day. (I am VERY sensitive to everyyyything and Ribose is technically a sugar, though most people have no side effects whatsoever.)

    There is something called Curamin that is all natural and it has really helped a lot of us ME/CFS/FM/Etc folk. ...I tried it and it did not help so much. But again, it has helped a lot of people with pain! Then there is D-Hist, which you can get on Amazon, and it is for allergies, though the ingredients also help with anti-inflamitory relief.

    What has helped me the most, especially with my nerve / neuropathy pain, came from Dr Jacob Teitelbaum's recommendation. He said to take a combo of the following: (all with standard suggested doses)

    *Alpha Lipoic Acid
    *NAC (short for N-ACETYL CYSTEINE)

    All of those three help with nerve repair, and often times, the NAC helps with carpal tunnel and bruises. For me, this is the awesome winning combo. FINALLY!!! AFTER OVER A DECADE OF PAIN! I still get pain, and it moves around the body, --but-- it is much less now and much easier to cope with; all with no side effects and zero drugs!

    Very very good luck, I wish to you my friend(s)!