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    i have been taking ribose for about a month, and have gotten great results. i have been very disabled with fibromyalgia for the last 18 years. i feel so much better that i am planning on taking a job. i recommend trying it, it won't help everyone, but i'm glad i tried it. if it doesn't seem to help, try taking more at first. i started taking 3 scoups a day of corvalen for about 2 weeks, now i take just 2 tsp. a day- 1 morning 1 at noon.
    which makes it very economical. any more and i have a great deal more energy, but very nervous.
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    Gosh, lucky you!!!! I took it for a couple of years with no results. I started with 2 scoops per day (per Corvalen) and then one scoop per day. Isaw a post in here about a yr. ago where a female surgeon had FM and took Corvalen and felt great, went off and felt horrible and went back on and again felt great. So I know it works for some and am very happy it works for you!!