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    ive been taking two pills of ribose with some b vitamins--i have kind of done this on and off for some years--i noticed a little improvement in alterness with the b vitmans and it was hard to tell about the ribose. the natural sleep formula i take is making me groggy--i notices when i take the bs and ribose and try to walk around i cam get going somewhat better....is this because it may help with methalaythion? or just the normal function of the supplements? i do also have cognitive impairment=which is also helped. any thoughts?thank you all for answers in advanced.
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    I have had good luck taking D-Ribose M (with Magnesium) in a powder form.
    I have CFS(with fibromyalgia too) and it works well for the body aches. My doc told me to take it if I was going to exercise. I did well over the summer ( I teach) and was able to go to the gym. I would take the Ribose in my water bottle.
    Alas, when school started things got very stressful so I stopped going to the gym. I ran out of ribose and forgot about it and then wondered why I was so damn achy. Yup--it was the Ribose. I bought some more and it really helped the aches and pains. The CFS worsened since school started but I found out 2 weeks ago I have hypercoagulation so now I am on nattokinase etc. Anyway, D-Ribose was helpful for me but I have read that it doesn't do it for everybody.
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    d-ribose helps the cells produce ATP, which is the fuel they use for energy. Dr. Myhill recommends you take small doses every couple of hours as it has a short half-life. I have CFS and noticed an increase in energy when I first started the d-ribose, it's slacked off some, but I still take it. I take 1/2 tsp. 4 times a day (I get it in powder form on-line, it's cheaper that way)

    You may also want to add in extra B12 if you're not already, sublingual form is best and there is debate whether hydroxocobalamin or methylcobalamin is best, both are available. This can help with energy and mental alertness and it seems that almost everyone on this board has difficulty getting enough B12.