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    Does anyone else have cracking ribs and back? My ribs are cracking continuously now, and the pain is horrendous! What causes this? Also, the incessant aching really gets to me, I ache so badly all I can do is lie in bed. Thanks!
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    I don't check into the site very often anymore, but this morning my ribs were especially uncomfortable and I decided to read about some "co-ache-ers", and then I saw your post first thing!

    My ribcage has been a source of discomfort to me since my 20's and I'm now in my 60's. I don't exactly know how to explain it, but it's like they are "glued" together. My whole torso feels very stiff, but that's not exactly the right word since I am very flexible and can bend and twist easily. Problem is, I feel compelled to stretch and twist out those muscles every few minutes (even during the night) to try to alleviate the steel clasp of tension affecting my ribs and shoulders. Each time I flex, the ribs go pop, pop, pop. I experience very brief relief. I do stretching exercises daily and rhythmic deep breathing. Nothing really helps, I only guess that it could be worse if I stopped.

    Most of the time I describe my issues as severe and exhausting discomfort, but not acute pain. Having broken and separated ribs many times in my 20's due to several attacks of bronchitis...I remember THAT as accute pain!

    I wish I had some advice for you, as you sound worse than me as at least I'm mobile. If you don't already do deep-breathing, you might try that. Refer to a good book on yoga, or google yogic breathing and I'm sure you'd find suggestions. Best luck to you.
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    i have costo pain something awful, and i sound like Bubble wrap popping. especially when i bend down or twist.
    guess it's just good ole costo,theres tons of posts on it here, it's pretty common unfortunately :)