Rich Carson, ProHealth, and Profits

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    There's a great article in today's ProHealth ImmuneSupport e-mail newsletter on Rich Carson.

    For those who wonder where ProHealth's profits go, here's an excerpt from the article:

    "Rich didn’t take an income from ProHealth, but preferred to focus on fundraising for research. He had developed a good relationship with most of the CFS researchers and was able to fund many of them, donating almost 100 percent of ProHealth’s profits to research.

    ProHealth Today

    Although ProHealth is a for-profit company, it has always been run more like a nonprofit, giving away more of its profit than any other company. To date ProHealth has donated more than $2.5 million to organizations dedicated to researching and finding treatments for CFS and FM."
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    Wish to have your health someday!
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    I need to buy some supplements, guess I know who to support now!!
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    I was happy to read this post!

    What other researchers/orgs besides the CAA is he supporting?

    Can patients also support those he's funding?

    Is there a 'list' somewhere one can refer to?

    I had written on another post that I had not begrudged Rich any living he made from all the hard work he as done to make ProHealth a haven and resource for us. I am surprised he has not needed to do that!

    He is a rare individual!

    There's always hope,
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    If you click on the "About Us" tab on the top right of this page, scroll down to "10 Reasons to Choose ProHealth", and click on "1. Largest CFS Fundraising Organization...", you'll come across all the organizations and researchers ProHealth helped out in 2005.

    It's a long and impressive list!

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