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    Rich Carson, Founder of ProHealth and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patient advocate, talks about FibroSleep.


    FibroSleep is a powerful sleep aid that is a combination of pure, natural ingredients to support deep, restorative sleep. Although developed for those with Fibromyaligia anyone with a sleep disorder will experience sleep support in four important and synergistic ways:

    Herbal Sleep Support
    - 400mg of Sedapine
    - Ziziphus Spinosa
    - Corydalus
    - Valerian
    - Passion Flower

    Digestive Support
    - Lemon Balm
    - Ginger
    - Peppermint
    - Hops

    Muscle and Nerve Support
    - ZMA
    - Magnesium Taurinate

    Amino Acid Support
    - GABA
    - Melatonin
    - 5-HTP
    - L-Theanine

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