Rich, soon plan to begin Methylation Protocol

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    I have ordered the supplements to do the methylation protocol and in preparation I quit taking my B complex. I have taken this with my many other supplements daily for about 3-4 years. It has folic acid at 800 mcg. so that is the reason I chose to quit it. In hindsight I think that was an error but I don't want to start it again.

    The first night after not taking my usual B complex I did not sleep well. Toxic! The following AM I woke up with multiple areas, but primarily arms and legs with the burning (lactic acid?) and sore spots. The pain volume in all my so called "weak areas" was turned up so that where I really began to believe I was healed or healing are now flared up again. Anyway, it has been a week now off the B complex and this scenario continues. Very interesting indeed!! I think my sluggish liver which was doing better is now doing worse again. If I eat any richer foods than salad I wake up in the middle of the night feeling toxic.

    Emotionally I am intolerant over things that don't usually bother me too. Bleh! I hate that the most. I admit I have been cross with my patient hubby but I have apologized and explained to him why I am. Thankfully he is understanding. He has been through this with me for just over 10 years now. Bless his heart!!

    My order for Douglas Labs B complex along with the metafolin, hydro B12 and potassium should be here any day. I already had the methyl B12 and I am on Jarrow's citiline (a type of phostidylserine) for high cortisol issues. Should be interesting to see what happens when I take the metafolin supplements. I am wondering if you may have any suggestions in view of my reactions? By the way, my doc is onboard, very supportive, but does not have a full understanding of it yet I believe. I have trouble explaining complicated things. ;)

    TIA for any reply you may offer me. I do try to read all your posts but right now my concentration is limited so that I get lost in long, complicated posts. I am at my best right now so can write this but I will pay. :p Push back later.

    Love what you do for us all and appreciate you very much!! :)

    Blessings ...

    PS - Forgot to tell you I had the MTHFR genetic test. Was Negative.
    Have not done the meth. pathway panel test. [This Message was Edited on 04/23/2012]
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    Hi, Dee.

    I'm sorry to hear about the rocky time you are going through now, but hope that the methylation protocol will pay off for you. I would suggest starting slowly, with one supplement at a time, giving each a few days to see how it is tolerated, adding the B12 and Metafolin last.

    You didn't mention whether you will be supplementing other vitamins beside the B complex, or essential minerals. Sometimes people are deficient in one or more of these, and that can hold back progress. So I would keep that in mind, in case you don't experience a response from the protocol. Some people are low in necessary amino acids, too, so that is another thing to keep in mind.

    Also, I recommend working with a physician while on this protocol.

    Best regards,

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  3. CelticLadee

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    You are amazing! Quick to respond and concise answer for me. :) Yay!

    Yes, I do have a doctor working with me. Thanks for your kindness. I really do feel hopeful the methylation protocol will eventually help.

    Yes, I do take vitamins, minerals, omega oils, probiotics, kefir, etc. daily along with a healthy diet, etc. For 4 years I have been on the Wheldon Protocol recommended supplements which are really quite complete.

    As far as amino acids I do have some issues there. My doctor tested via NeuroScience,Inc. I am low in several neurotransmitters. Serotonin, epinephrine, glycine and phenylethylamine (PEA). High cortisol as I mentioned. I can manage taking Rhodiola 15% rosavins and the citiline as I mentioned before. I tried the tyrosine spray but it was too harsh so I was awake ALL night two nights. 8( I also take L-theanine nightly or in the day if needed. I am hoping the methylation protocol will even things out even more.

    I really appreciate your suggestion very much. Thank you! Going slow and adding things singularly is my usual way so no problem there. I did not know that you should take the B12 and Metafolin lastly so am thankful you pointed that out. I had been thinking otherwise so am glad you corrected my way of thinking.

    In preparation I watched your seminar online but will watch it again. I forget things easily. My hubby just told me today that he thought he might like to watch it with me this time. :) Yay!

    Again I thank you for your time, kindness and help today.



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