Rich v k: how reliable are plasma SAM and SAH levels?

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    hi rich/anyone,

    with my methylation panel at ELN they measured SAM and SAH in plasma unfortunately. the normal range ratio seems to be different in plasma with an average of 4.26:1, whereas in rbc its about 5.47:1, i think.

    how useful are my plasma results for interpretation? i'll include them below with others:

    plasma SAM: 227 (82.7-156)
    plasma SAH: 53.4 (21-35)

    Middle of normal range ratio = 4.26:1 (SAM:SAH)
    My test results ratio = 4.25:1 (SAM:SAH)

    (im also expecting folic acid metabolites and methylcobalamin results back soon from ELN btw)

    Some relevant previous results which were taken within the same month:

    urine methionine: high (out of range)
    urine taurine: extremely high (double top end of normal range)
    urine cysteine: high (out of range)
    urine cystathione: low normal
    serum homocysteine: 4.1 (5-12), (went down to 2.3 at one point)
    urine MMA: 6.5 (<19)
    urine FIGIu: 0 (9)
    urine pyroglutamic acid (kidney gsh): 18.8 (21.7-105.3)
    urine lipid peroxides: 2.7 (<10) (despite being deficient in vit e and gsh-px at time of test)
    rbc folic acid: 548 (180-750)
    rbc total gsh: 2.49 (1.6-2.8)

    some background: i started supplementing about 18 months ago. i took sublingual methylcobalamin for about 8-9 months. ive never taken any active form of folate, only 400ug of regular folic acid. ive never supplemented methionine, SAMe, betaine or TMG. i was only on sublingual hydro-b12 at times of tests.

    will. (from yasko forum)
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