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    Hi there-

    I am still doing methylation, although I don't seem to be seeing any added benefits since the initial positive effects. It has been about a year now.

    I recently started progesterone and have found that it seems to have helped with some of the inflammation that I have going on. My C4a is down now from about 20,000 to 1800. My pain is also down about 50%. I believe that the progesterone has something to do with this since it counteracts estrogen which causes inflammation.

    My questions are... Does a methylation defect seem to affect hormonal imbalances? I have symptoms of Hypothyroid, but a normal thyroid panel. My body makes ONLY estrogen. I think that my initial Lyme infection has something to do with this since Lyme seems to deplete B vitamins which are necessary for hormone function.

    There are others with these same issues so I am wondering what your thoughts are on any correlation. Also, I know you were starting to look into Lyme as a precursor for the methylation defect. Do you have any updates on your thoughts there? Is is possible that successfully treating Lyme, which supposedly thrives off of B vitamins in the body, would unlock the methylation defect?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Hi, frango2.

    Those are good questions!

    According to my hypothesis, a partial methylation cycle block coupled with glutathione depletion can indeed cause problems with several of the hormones. The reason is that several of the hormones in the body contain cysteine residues that are joined together to form cystine double bonds. They have to be joined to their proper partners in order to give the hormone molecule the shape it needs to have in order to match up well with its receptors. If they are synthesized in a cell that is low in glutathione, this process has problems, because glutathione normally controls the redox state of the cysteine molecules. If they become oxidized and form cystines before they are supposed to, it produces misshapen hormone molecules. In the case of the sex hormones, the gonadal secretion is controlled by luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone from the pituitary. These hormones have quite a few cysteine residues in them. The pituitary appears to be low in glutathione, based on the deficiencies in the hormones it normally secretes. This problem occurs with quite a few hormones and other secretory proteins (including perforin from NK cells, which is what I believe causes the low cytotoxic activity of these cells in CFS). I think this mechanism is the main link between the methylation cycle block--glutathione depletion mechanism and the numerous endocrine problems observed in CFS.

    With regard to Lyme and the partial methylation cycle block, my hypothesis is that Lyme disease can lead to a partial methylation cycle block in people who are genetically predisposed by having inherited certain SNPs (polymorphisms). The basis for this is that Borrelia bacteria have been found to deplete glutathione in their hosts. In this case, I suspect that even if the Lyme producing bacteria are knocked out, the methylation cycle block can persist, unless it is dealt with directly. At least three physicians who specialize in treating Lyme disease are now checking this hypothesis out on some patients, and I hope to find out from them if it's valid. One of them seems to be convinced that it is, and has incorporated methylation cycle block treatment into his protocol.

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    I see Dr. V in MN and I know she is using this is in many Lyme patients.

    I did the vitamin Diagnostic panel about a year and a half ago and had a clear case of methylation block. Maybe it's time to repeat it and see where I'm at...

    I don't take the neuro health formula ( I take a lot of those on their own, but not all of them ) and there is one other thing that I'm not taking... the one with the omega 3, 6, and 9. I take those form nordic naturals.

    In general, do you think that would interfere with results?

    I am so tired lately I just can't even explain it, it is bone crushing fatigue, but I also recently started progesterone. The Dr. who prescribed that said it makes some people very tired during the day so I am going to switch to an evening only dose of that.

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