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    Hello. I have been reading about the simplified methylation protocol with great interest. But I have a situation that I can't get past. I have been on Wheldon's Protocol which you probably know involves taking daily high doses of NAC. Since I am susceptible to it is mandatory for me to keep the elemental bodies from re-populating my blood which is what NAC does. It is my impression from reading your various posts that glutathione and NAC block some of the pathways so must not be used on the s.m. p. Do you have any suggestions or knowledge of anyone else in this situation finding a way to do it with some success? Or am I dreaming? Really am I'm stuck. Thanks for reading my post.
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    Hi, Dee.

    As far as I know, taking NAC or glutathione will not block recovery on the methylation protocols. I think that Dr. Nathan suggested this in some of his writing, but as far as I know, there is no hard evidence for it for most people who have ME/CFS. There is a gentleman who calls himself "Freddd" on the PhoenixRising forums who has reported that taking these supplements has set him back considerably, but I suspect that he has an unusual genomic makeup. My concern about NAC is that if there is a high body burden of mercury, high dosages of NAC can move it into the brain, based on experiments with rats by Aposhian et al. I have actually suggested that in cases where the methylation treatment provokes severe symptoms of excitotoxicity (anxiety, insomnia, a "wired" feeling), adding liposomal glutathione may help. I have only received one or two feedback reports on this, indicating that it may be helping, but so far the data are anecdotal.

    I think that if you are able to use the methylation protocol successfully, it will raise your glutathione levels, and the resulting high ratio of reduced to oxidized glutathione will suppress the replication of Chlamydia, because it will not be able to form disulfide bonds in the protein coat on the elemental body.

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    Thank you so much. Your input has given me the knowledge I can pursue this further. In the long run I think I will benefit more from the s.m.p. than I had hoped in that as you pointed out the raised glutathione levels deter disulfide bonds, etc. By the way, NAC has benefited my fussy liver enormously.

    Yes, I had realized that mercury/brain issue with NAC but really at the time I started, it was secondary as my health situation was dire at the time. Although I had a very slow start as it was very difficult to ramp up the Wheldon Protocol meds, etc. (2008-present) it has given me a big return toward becoming more normal functional. I have been fighting the effects of some type(s) of brain toxicity since I got sick 2002 with ME/CFS. Dr. Shoemaker's test online showed I was positive for neurotoxins back then. My MD recently ordered neuro-transmitter test panel but I don't have the results back yet.

    Now that I have become more stable I want to look at doing more things to strengthen my system besides my strict diet, etc. The methylation protocol seems like a good way to go. I am also looking at Dr. K's HPU protocol as I can relate to most of the symptoms listed. But it scares me that just an experimental dose of two 50 mg. zinc a few days apart, I believe it helped cause a week of symptom flare up including brain toxicity with increased photo sensitivity, numbish forehead, worsening attention span, angry mood, etc. And yes, I do realize even the s. meth. protocol may cause flare ups before things get better. Presently I need to figure out which protocol would be wisest to do, then discuss it with my MD. Therefore you could say, I am at the "gathering the facts" point and your input is not only generous but very helpful. Thank you so very much.

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