Richvank - leucovorin as part of methylation protocol?

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    Hi Rich - I saw your post under the B12 thread re the methylation protocol and B12. I had actually thought of going back and amending my post to add that she should look into the methylation protocol, but you did it first (and better than I would have!)

    But I'm puzzled because I've never heard you mention folinic acid or leucovorin before. It appears that leucovorin is a prescription drug.

    The last I had read was that you were recommending FolaPro and Actifolate as part of the methylation protocol along with the neurological formula multi and phosphatidyl serine and B12 guard. I never saw anything about folinic acid (although I very well could have missed it).

    I am plugging away at the methylation protocol, detoxing, etc. and would like to know if there is more I should be doing.


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    Hi, Mary.

    Folinic acid (also known as leucovorin or 5-formyl tetrahydrofolate) is one of the forms of folate found in Actifolate.

    It's true that leucovorin is given by prescription, but it's the same as folinic acid, which is a nutritional supplement.

    Leucovorin is prescribed together with some chemotherapy agents for treating cancer. However, this is done because the chemo agents block the folate metabolism, and adding leucovorin makes up for this, so that the body does not suffer from folate deficiency during this treatment.

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  3. mbofov

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    Thanks for the info - I didn't know that folinic acid was also known as 5-formyl-tetrahydrofolate. So I'm covered!

    Best wishes,


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