richvank lyn gilderdale and sofia mirza

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    dear richvank

    i have posted regarding lyn gilderdale and her mother who assisted her daughter in her suicide after many years of suffering

    it is a tragic story with her autopsy showing inflamation of spinal cord as did sofia mirza

    the book kay has written to raise awareness of how severe ME can be is getting some press coverage in the uk

    i wondered if you would be able to do an article for the library, i am sure the 25% group in the uk would be pleased to provide you with any further information you would need

    i think its important to show the autopsy information and just how the get and cbt were so inappropriate and the cruelty this young woman suffered

    as you know both the usa with unum working with the wessely school is a shameful situation for both the uk and usa and has inpact world wide as tansy has recently posted

    it makes us all so sad to see how the children suffer those of us who became ill as adults had at least had the chance to live a life, these children don t and such inappropriate treatment makes sure they do not have that chance to recover

    many thanks