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    Hi Rich,

    This isn't 100% your area, but I thought I'd ask anyway since you put some thought into these hormones a while back.

    I've said before that human growth hormone has been of help to me. Upon reflection though, the only time it's felt really necessary was when I was using the antiviral (Famvir).

    At that time, it made me feel more calm and energetic.

    Oddly, before and since it makes me feel tired. Like my body is channeling all its resources into healing itself.

    Anyway, do you think that antivirals may cause the body to make less HGH? Or to use more?

    And, more to the point, to cause the body to make less MSH (or use more of it)?

    I'm increasingly convinced that taking the antiviral last year made the damage from the mold in my house worse.

    I think the mold problem in the house increased too, since otherwise my husband's health wouldn't have declined so much.

    I'm thinking that if indeed the antiviral gave me less MSH, that would have been the last straw that would have pushed my body into being decimated by the mold. So Dr. Shoemaker would say, anyway.

    If I'm right about this, it could have really important repercussions for how people use AV's. Figuring out who might benefit vs. who might be harmed by them (e.g. using Dr. S's tests) could be really important. God knows people with CFS don't need to be made any sicker.

    Do you have any thoughts?


    Best, Lisa