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  1. pawprints

    pawprints New Member

    Hi again:

    I spoke with my doctor about the theories you have presented here.

    He said if I sent him a printout of the paper you presented in Ft. Lauderdale and the proposed treatment plan he would review it and help me.

    So, here I go again asking the same question...

    please tell me where to go and what to print out for him to read. He doesn't want to go the internet himself so I will do it for him and mail it to him.

    Thanks for your patience!!
  2. cct

    cct Member

    If you go to a post by "wld285" titled "RICHVANK" (currently it is on this page of posts), you will find the answer to your question.

    Rich replyed to wld285's question with the same information that you are requesting.
  3. pawprints

    pawprints New Member

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

    I just mentioned it to my doc and he said get me the info and I'll see if its right for your case. So anyone interested in helping me is worth sending the fight info to!!

    Wish my brain fog would lift and I could comprehend this on my own.
  4. harmony21

    harmony21 New Member

    I so agree with your brainfog thingo, am constantly apologising for not understanding and ramblings am suffering it horribly too
    Am going to print out sam and present it to my doctor am seeing her tomorrow and also will send copy to may naturopath, will let you know what happens

    please keep in touch

    love n light

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