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    I started on your methylation protocol early on, and felt better for about 2 months. Then, it seemed to come to a stop and I wondered if there was a block that couldn't keep up with the process and stopped.

    Recently, I started taking IV glutathione pushes (2400mg). The first one benefited me, and then I started not getting any better after them. It was thought that I may have a block in the sulfuric detox pathway, and molybdenum 2mg was added to this last push. I do feel a little better on this dose, but not much. I am fighting a virus, so that could be why I'm not responding to this treatment quickly.

    I'm wondering what you would suggest, supplement and/or test wise for this? I will try one more push, but if it doesn't give me a lift, I'm dropping it until I find out what to do to get to the bottom of this blockage. I do have an appt. in a few weeks, but know there was a wealth of information on this site previously. It's very hard to access posts at this site, but I'll try to find the information. I'm hoping you still check this site, and can provide a short cut for my research, since you understand these issues so well. :)
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    Hi Daisys.

    I'm sorry to hear that your progress seems to be blocked.

    I would suggest running the Vitamin Diagnostics, Inc., methylation pathways panel, to see what the statuses of your methylation cycle and glutathione are. I'm not able to post the contact information for them right now, because my computer is down and I'm on a borrowed one. I hope you can find the info in one of my previous posts.

    Best regards,

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    The richvank entry on the below thread link has considerable information. Which I didn't read. Probably did in the past.
    11/11/08 7:36 AM
    Most important test for CFS

    Vitamin Diagnostics
    Industrial Drive & Route 35
    Cliffwood Beach, N.J. 07735 USA
    (732) 583-7773
    Phone: 1 (732) 583-7773
    Fax: 1 (732) 583-7774)

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    Thank you, Rich for replying, and Chuck for the lead. I printed it out, and will study it.

    I did go for a glutathione push today, and was told my doctor doesn't do tests, generally speaking. If it looks like a certain problem, he treats for it, and sees if there's improvement. Since insurance is of so little help, this saves time and money. He will run a test if I ask for it.

    One thing I realized as we discussed the last few days: I have to cut back on my activities until I get better because I've been using up the energy from the pushes by having long, strenuous days. I need to conserve my energy for healing. I've been thinking I'm in better shape than I really am right now. So, I'm going to act like a sick person and stay quiet at home more until I get over this set back. I need to rethink how to do the important things I need to do, but without the expenditure of energy that it's been taking. It's a challenge.
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    Hi daisys.

    You're welcome.

    That sounds like a wise move. Many PWCs have pushed themselves too much, too long, and that doesn't work well in CFS, though we are generally encouraged to believe in our society that it is an admirable trait. The body does need to use a lot of its resources to recover. I hope this new approach will pay off for you.

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    You are so right. I thought I was just doing the minimum, most important things. But, right now I need to be housebound, almost bedridden, if I want to recover from this set back. Hopefully, it won't take too long to get back to where I was just a few weeks ago--I felt pretty well.

    Lately, I've been staying in bed as long as possible, and last night slept close to 11 hours! And that was after taking a hour's nap yesterday, after a night's sleep of 9 hours or more. I still have symptoms of whatever it is I'm fighting, but they are mild and happen right before bedtime, so I must be getting tired even with all this sleep, and inactivity.

    I'm looking forward to my next appointment, because I asked for treatment to be cut back thru the winter. I have SAD, and always get sick thru the early part of winter. This year, even though I'm much better from being treated for Lyme, I again am fighting viruses. The doctor has told me I have a virus that I can't get rid of (maybe he means it will always be a low level infection, because I know viruses stay in the system and just are kept in check, when it's said that a person has "recovered" from it).

    I know I always have active EBV and also, I've had enteroviral illnesses in the past. I wonder what the next step will be, or what the doctor has in mind. The next appt. I'll ask him what happens when I'm well enough to get back into full treatment. And, now that he knows I have a blockage in the sulfuric detox pathway, what he plans to do for that.

    It looks like I have the lyme disease under control, and the next step will be to address the viral issues. I have to go slow and easy, because I'm keeping the cytokine levels down with several supplements. If I get too aggressive in treatment, my worst symptoms are because the immune system puts out too much cytokines. It's complicated and I'm glad I have a good doctor who understands these issues.

    I also appreciate your input, Rich, which has helped me understand a lot about the detox pathways and how it affects my health. I have to balance treating infections with keeping the immune system calm, and detox in every way I can. My husband says it's like my doctor and I are speaking another language at my appts. :-D My doctor says of all his patients, I'm the one who is most knowledgable in the area he treats: CFS, FM, lyme disease, etc. I have to give credit also to this forum, and Lymenet flash.