Rickettsia: I have it

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Fibrotears, Oct 20, 2006.

  1. Fibrotears

    Fibrotears New Member

    Hi, everyone!

    The blood tests tested positive for 3 strains out of 4 possible strains of Rickettsia. Meaning Dr. Jadin might have a point and a shocker for the medical field.

    I have: Rickettsia Mooseri +++ (Severe) (Endemic Typhus)
    Rickettsia Conori ++ (Mild) (Spotted Fever)
    Rickettsia Burnetti ++ (Mild) (Q Fever Phase 2)

    I started the treatment on Thursday and are praying that this will not only take the extreme fatigue away but also my pain ,you know the pain I have in the 'butt'.

    I hope that everyone sees now that Dr Jadin is right.

    The special blood test that must be done is: Micro-Agglutionation Test for Rickettsiosis - GIROUD METHOD

    I hope that my story will help others on this site.

    I will keep you posted on how I'm doing and if the treatment worked.

    The doctor said that because my Rickettsia is so severe it is going to take at least 3 months before I see / feel any improvement.

    Good luck to my fellow sufferers.



  2. tlayne

    tlayne Member

    such a personal question, but what kind of a pain in your butt? I have thought about asking if others have had a "certain" pain in their butt, but (no pun intended) it is kinda personal...yeek! hugs, Tam
  3. ulala

    ulala New Member

    have a diagnosis as to WHY the symptoms have happened to you. That is half the battle.

    Can you tell us what you are being treated with? Thanks!

    Wishing you a speedy full recovery!
  4. Fibrotears

    Fibrotears New Member

    It means that I have SEVERE chronic rectal and vaginal spasms or cramps. Nothing takes it away!!!!! I have triggerpoints in the vaginal muscles.

    I'm at the point where the only thing the docs can give me is morphine or pethidine but because it is so habit forming they are not willing to give me it and I'm with them on that.

    I read your profile.

    You know people usually get bitten by ticks, fleas etc on farms and your symptoms of a high fever, RASH and muscle aches after a farm trip / visit is VERY suggestive of Endemic Typhus or the medical term 'Rickettsia Mooseri'.

    If I were you I would definitely check it out. For all you know it is Rickettsia and with Dr Jadin's treatment protocol the prognosis is very promising!!!

    But remember the special test must be done the other usual bloodtest doesn't show Rickettsia out.

    Please try it? You have nothing to loose except a few vails of blood and a little bit of money.

    Dr Cecile Jadin is in Johannesburg, South Africa.
    Her number is: 027 (011) 460 1670
    I just pray the webmaster doesn't remove her telephone number!!

  5. Fibrotears

    Fibrotears New Member

    I'm actually scared to tell you what meds I'm on because I don't want anyone to try this treatment without medical supervising. Bloodtest must be done regularly to see if your body can "hold the pace".

    Well, it is two types of antibiotics: Dumoxin and Cifloc. Then Interflora (because the antibiotics kills the good bacteria in the intestines that have the function of making Vitamin B). And Megadoxa, a multi vitamin. And Omez, this protects the stomachs lining because the antibiotics can 'burn' it.

    That's it. Further I just PRAY that this will work. Well, I've read so much up about Rickettsia and the antibiotic treatment that I'm sure it's going to work!!

    PLEASE don't try this at home on your own! Go see a specialist and do the Micro-Agglutionation Test for Rickettsia - Giroud Method

  6. ulala

    ulala New Member

    the meds that you are taking for the rickettsia. In the U.S Dumoxin is the same as doxycycline and Cifloc is ciprofloxin.

    A lot of people are on doxycycline and some on ciprofloxin. Probably not alot on both. I remember years ago telling a doctor that ciprofloxin made me feel better but he said he didn't know why.

    I'm not sure the test that you named is available in the U.S. Maybe someone here knows if it is available.

    I think the treatment for Lyme is doxycycline 100 mgs. 2x/day.

    Hopefully this treatment protocol will trickle over to the U.S.

    I know that you just started this treatment but have you noticed any difference in how you feel?

    I haven't seen any posts from people in the U.S on this particular protocol but I will be watching.

    Please keep us posted on your recovery and thank you for sharing your story!
  7. tlayne

    tlayne Member

    Thank you for answering this very personal question. I have thought before of asking if anyone has this SEVERE rectal pain, but it is kind of embarrasing (SP?).

    I have had this for years. It is VERY painful. The one thing that has helped me is to lay on a heating pad. For some reason this helps within minutes. I get them during the night, but sometimes during the day. I used to be on pain pills for them also, but it takes so long for them to kick in, and by that time I was usually in a hot tub of water anyway trying to ease the pain.

    Is this pain part of Rickettsia? Is Rickettsia contagious? I know, I could look it up and I will. We breifly studied it in nursing school. From what I can remember is that it gets into the cell, and it is very difficult to kill.I have had this pain way before I thought I was bitten by a tick. My mom also has this and so does two of my daughters who are also comming down with s/s of FM/CFS. This pain has increased in frequency for me. It is almost nightly, and the heating pad is my bed partner. lol. It has spread to my lower abdominal. I am also very exhausted the next day. Do you also do this?

    Thank you so much for sharing. I hope that this abx treatment works for you. Please keep in touch and let me know how you are doing. I will say a prayer for you asking God to let this be your answer to good health. Love and tender hugs, Tam
  8. ulala

    ulala New Member

    doxycycline (Dumoxin) 2x/day. I am going to ask him if he can add ciprofloxin (Cifloc). Can you tell me the doses that you are on of each of these meds? My doctor is an infectious disease doctor and should be able to find out about the test that you mentioned.

    I am especially interested in this because I was bitten by many fleas when I moved into an apartment that a guy and his dog had just moved out of. I got sick with extreme fatigue shortly after all the flea bites and have not been the same since. Thank you!
  9. ulala

    ulala New Member

  10. Fibrotears

    Fibrotears New Member

    Hi there!

    Ulala I cannot stress this enough of how important it is that you first get tested for Rickettsia with that special test I mentioned in my message. Other blood test like liver, kidney and thyroid function, Bilharzia, Ferriten and many more most also be done. This is also VERY IMPORTANT.

    So I STRONGLY recommend that your doctor contact Dr. Cecile Jadin in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her treatment plan doesn't stay the same every month. Every month you use another combination af antibiotics. This is done so that the Rickettsia doesn't have a chance to build up a resistance against the antibiotics.

    So it will be best if your doctor contact her at 027 011 460 1670. Just check the international dailing code for South Africa but I'm sure it's 027.

    She also mentioned somewhere that doctors can contact her at: gerinjadin@icon.co.za.

    My medication:
    Cifloc: 250mg Two (2) tablets immediately then one (1) tablet in the morning and evening.

    Dumoxin 50mg: Two (2) capsules in the morning and in the evening.

    Omez 20mg: One (1) capsule per day. (Protects the stomach lining and prevents nausea)

    Inteflora 250mg: One (1) capsule in the morning

    This is the protocol. It is important to use everything and at the correct dosage.


    Hope this help. Please be carefull!!

    And let me Know what happens.

    Hugs and prayers

  11. Fibrotears

    Fibrotears New Member

    I forgot I also have to use a multi vitamin Megadoxa Forte.
    One (1) Capsule per day. Fibrotears
  12. ulala

    ulala New Member

    I have been taking the same amount of doxy that you are on for about two months. My doctor checks the liver, kidney, etc. functions. I alos have very high CMV, EBV and CMV antibodies so I have been taking Valcyte off and on.

    I thought that maybe I had Lyme disease from the flea bites but have had negative test results. My doctor did a braiin scan because he said that Lyme does something to the brain that shows up n the scans. Mine was negative. I wonder if Ricketssia shows up in any form on a brain scan?

    I hope this protocol works for you. Have you been bitten by fleas or do you have any idea how you got Rickettsia? You're lucky that you are young and this has been caught early so that you can move on and have a normal life.

    I have had this for many years and it has seriously impacted the quality of my life. I did a search on Dr. Jadin and found some very interesting facts, one of which that they think Florence Nightingale had Rickettsia.

    Please keep me posted on your progress. I will call and get an appointment with my doctor and see if he will get in touch with Dr. Jadin.

    Thanks and Best Wishes!

  13. FloraToadfoot

    FloraToadfoot New Member

    Hi Fibrotears<BR>
    I was delighted to come across this posting albeit from 2006.<BR>
    Dr Jadin diagnosed me in Feb 2010 with Lyme (Bb), Rickettsia conorii, etc.... It would be wonderful to know how you are doing now after threatment.<BR>
    I completed my 13th month of abx yesterday and although not great, I am a lot better than 12 months ago.<BR>
    I am very impressed with her protocol and believe a lot of doctors could learn from her. <BR>
    Just to confirm her contact number from overseas is: +27 11 460 1670<BR>
    She is still based in Johannesburg,, South Africa.<BR>
    I cannot emphasize your comment below enough and repeat below:<BR>
    "So I STRONGLY recommend that your doctor contact Dr. Cecile Jadin in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her treatment plan doesn't stay the same every month. Every month you use another combination af antibiotics. This is done so that the Rickettsia doesn't have a chance to build up a resistance against the antibiotics."<BR>

    I also have to mention that just because someone has a NEGATIVE test result for LYME disease, that does not mean that one doesn't have Lyme disease. A false negative result is very common and many doctors do not know enough to read it properly. Lyme is bascially diagnosed on clinical symptoms initially.
    All the best<BR>

    <br><br>[<i>This Message was Edited on 03/08/2011</i>]
    <br><br>[<i>This Message was Edited on 03/08/2011</i>]
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    And to everyone else who is being treated for chronic infections. It's usually a long haul and the Herxheimer Effect can be harsh but I don't think we can heal unless we address our infections.&lt;BR&gt;
    Please, anyone considering Cipro, or any of the other fluoroquinolone ABX, be careful; there have been some very bad side effects from this family of ABX, no the least being ruptured tendons.&lt;BR&gt;
    Again, good luck to everyone. I keep us all in my prayers.&lt;BR&gt;
    Love, Mikie
  15. charlpienaar

    charlpienaar New Member

    I started getting these pains in August 2011 after I had malaria twice. I get these intermittent paroxysms of headache, with radiation into the lower back and upper thigh. These headaches might disappear for a month or two and then it hits me. It starts as a pounding headache with a whooshing sound in my ears, going on to a pumping sensation in the back of my scull and feels like an increase in pressure in my scull. The moment that happens, the pain starts in the upper thigh muscle, a stabbing pain and usually a pain in the middle of my lower back. There is a “pulling” of the left eye, although without definite diplopia. The pain is only there for 10 minutes max and then goes away completely for an hour and comes back, intermittently for up to 6 hours (Sometimes only for an hour). During the headache I have this dull feeling in my head and at times the pain can be so intense that I can’t focus, I can see images but it’s a tad blurry and it’s like I can see words but can’t read them. It happens to me quite often at night when I go to sleep. . I can predict it will happen due to a tension or increase in pressure in the back of my scull, like the muscle in my upper neck stiffens and the area in the base of my scull. It now might happen early in the mornings, during the day and at times while I sleep. Hot baths helps allot and alleviates the pain all over. After such an episode I feel drained and a bit tired and the muscles in my back, shoulder blades. When I started getting it, it was only at night, now it’s any time of the day. At one point I thought it was stress related but there’s no pattern to indicate that it is stress. I have been told it might be rickettsias for which I tested positive by Dr Jadin. I don’t have any of the other symptoms ascribed to rickettsias. I feel a tad bit fatigued every now and then but not so that I noticed. I never had lesions or skin issues or any other symptom except for this pain. I was tested positive for two rickettsias – mooseri and conori; Mycoplasma, Chlamydia pneumonia and H. Pylori.
  16. ulala

    ulala New Member

    that you now have something concrete to treat. How did you get tested by Dr. Jadin? Are you being treated with antibiotics.&lt;BR&gt;
    It seems that once fibrotears found out she had rickettsias she stopped posting here. She msut be better! Great news! If you're being treated with antibiotics would you share what your treatment is? Also, is it helping you? Thanks!&lt;BR&gt;
    Best wishes!
  17. StMark

    StMark New Member

    I have had dealings with this doctor and find her untrustworthy. Can anyone recommend another doctor who is knowledgeable in this field?&lt;BR&gt;

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