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    I just want to give you some facts.

    Dr. Jardin's father was also a doctor. He and his collegue did research on CFS because Dr. Jadin (Senior) had CFS. They did years and years of research and found in all their CFS patients viruses and bacteria of which Rickettsia is the most common.

    Some of you said that you were not bitten by a tick but Dr. Jadin (Junior) did research that suggest that you can inhale or swollow it etc.

    Some one said that Rickettsia is not suceptible to antibiotics BUT it is. Read up on it and you will find that antibiotics (docyxyclin, (tetracyclines) ) is used to treat the Rickettsia.

    Thus Dr Cecile Jadin just went on where her father left of. Meaning that she started with 100 year's research and went on with it. She is very credible and knows what she is doing.

    Just remember that a special test must be done for Rickettsia because the Felix-Weil test is not a 100% correct. The test can ONLY be done in South Africa (by Dr. Jadin's husband, Dr. Gerin) and in France. I will found out hte test's name and post it.

    Dr Jadin's treatment: For one week of the month you use a COMBINATION of antibiotics. You do this for 8 months or untill the Rickettsia is undetected in your blood. When the Rickettsia is undetected you stop the treatment. You go for blood test every 3 months to see if the Rickettsia infection didn't start again.

    Dr. Jadin has treated over 5800 patients and everyone got better!!!

    I advise you to read her book then maybe everyone will understand it better. Her book is called: A disease called Fatigue. You can order it on her official website.

    Good luck and I hope you have a better understanding now.

    Just know that I research EVERYTHING VERY CAREFULLY before I believe it or post it. I only read acredited research articles. I don't just believe what doctors says because we all know that they can be wrong too.

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    I have recently been following Dr. C Jadin's research. I was bitten by an infected tick June 2009, diagnosed and treated by local ER for Rickettsia. I have since suffered the strangest, most horrible symptoms I could imagine. Through my research, I found the work of Dr. C Jadin. <BR>
    I believe in her research, I believe in her Protocol; I just wish I could find a Dr in Alabama, or in the US that would treat my Chronic Rickettsia according to Dr. C Jadin's recommendations.<BR>
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    One very very helpful thing to fight infections for me was and still is the Bob Beck's protocol,including the blood electrification and magnetic pulser methods.It is something like Rife machine you can google it.<BR>

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