RickVanK, Methylation Pathway Testing NOT allowed for New York Residents

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by elliespad, May 29, 2009.

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    As is typical, New York is, once again, restricting valuable testing. I went to my PCP yesterday and asked for the Methylation Pathway Testing available through Vitamin Diagnostics, that you have recommended. He agreed to order the test and when his office called to initiate the procedure for obtaining the kit, she was told the test is not available to NY residents. So frustrating. I have run into this MANY times when trying to obtain specialized testing. I think NY is the only state that has these restrictions.

    So, I will have to be creative in getting this done, using an out of state doctor. Is there perhaps another test you might recommend in place of this one?


  2. aftermath

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    This state blows on so many levels, it's not even funny.

    It's not coincidence that NY was just named the "least free state" in a paper out of George Mason University.


    The lifelong hacks in Albany think that they know better than you and want to rule your entire life. It's not going to get better, so the answer is to get out when you can. NY is second only to CA in net loss of population each year.

    If you want Rich's test, you need to find a doc in NJ or CT to order it for you. Ask your current doc if he knows anyone in a border area you can visit.
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    Hi, elliespad.

    Sorry about that. The Vitamin Diagnostics methylation pathways panel is the most direct way to determine whether you have glutathione depletion and/or a methylation cycle block, as well as the status of your folate metabolism. The Metabolic Analysis Profile (MAP), offered by Genova Diagnostics, will give information that will supply indirect ways of inferring whether these problems are present. I have heard that Medicare will cover this test, at least when it's ordered from Genova Diagnostics.

    Perhaps your PCP could order this test from Genova Diagnostics. If not, you could order it from directlabs.com without a physician's order. They are located in Louisiana, and their physician will sign your order and send it to Genova Diagnostics. On their website, they offer this test for $299. They seem to have a pretty fast turnaround time. I don't know if you could get reimbursed by Medicare if you order it from directlabs.com, so you would have to check into that.

    This is a urine test, which you could collect at home, and you could mail the sample in yourself.

    The state of New York requires their own certification for labs to be used by NY residents. I've heard that the purpose of setting up this requirement was to generate revenue from certification fees to support the state's own lab. Specialty labs, of course, are run as businesses, and they operate to show a profit. It is costly for them to get independent certification from New York state, because there is a fee and an annual inspection, which is very disruptive to lab operation. They have to undergo this also to keep their federal CLIA certification. Sometimes the inspectors are real nitpickers and make unreasonable demands. The lab managers make a judgment as to whether the additional business they would get from New York state is worth the cost and the hassle. Some decide to do it, and others decide that they have enough business from elsewhere that it isn't worth it to them. As you noted, New York state residents sometimes go to out-of-state physicians in order to get testing that isn't certified by New York state.

    Best regards,

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    I've had a Cellular Energy Profile done by (then) Great Smokies, 4, 5, 6 years ago, don't remember. Bunch of other tests too, but don't think the one you recommended as an alternative. I will be down in Maryland for a month or more this summer. Am wondering if there are any docs in mid-Atlantic states that are up on this? I can use my daughters address in Maryland. I think I'll email you privately.
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    I was wondering if that is why NY does not recognize this test. You beat me with posting, and that is fine with me, LOL!!

    As a consumer, I want appropriate oversight.

    Now if we could just get that with alternative meds.

    I want to make sure that what I am getting in my CoQ10 is what it says on the label!!

    Take care.

  6. deliarose

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    The methylation pathways panel was the only lab in 10 years of running labs that was remotely helpful. I have been doing methylation support for 2 years now, & I am much improved.

    I was bed-bound & right now I am running around painting garden fences & being pretty active physically. Still a ways to go.. but everything is improved, hormones, sleep, brain function, body temp, you name it.

    Just my experience.

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