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  1. blondie51

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    Hello fellow fibro suffers I recently stumbled on a web site that I thought you all may enjoy. It is a real joke. If I took the contents right this Dr. is a joke!!! He is stateing that with exercise and stretches Fibro can be CURED!!!! I guess he had it and poof it's gone. He is a survivor!!! I was recently diagnosed with this but have been suffering for years and was told "it was all in my head" from many doctors. One Dr. even told me to walk and exercise to ease up my pain. Yeah right!!!! We should all find out where this guy is and go and see him with his "miracle treatments" He must know something that all the other dr.s in the world do not know.

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  2. jkd7058

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    I posted a message about a week ago about a chiropractor that was on the news saying the same thing "exercise will cure FM". It makes me soooo angry. I used to walk 3 to 6 miles a day when FM hit. Now the three blocks from the Metro to work is a killer.

    How do they explain the great numer of us who were VERY into exercise when the DD hit! If exercise is the cure, we never should have gotten it.

    Everytime one of the quacks says something like this I have to re-educate my family and friends.
  3. Shirl

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    Hi welcome to the board. Glad you have found us. Many of us are told its all in our heads, someday they will find out its all in our 'bodies' and it hurts.

    Again, welcome to the board.

    Shalom, Shirl

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    I am also outraged at doctors saying "exercise" you will feel better. I am a very active person.I have always taken pride in taken care of myself.I walk all day long and the only thing that I get from it is PAIN! If this was the cure,I don't think any of us would be here.I believe that if something as simple as exercise was the answer,we would all be cured and would not be here and this supprt group would be a thing of the past.
    Just my opinion
  5. Mikie

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    Is that people will have their first FMS flare and then go into a remission period. They may attribute the remission to any number of things which they did and even may consider themselves cured. The remission period may last for years until another assault on their immune system occurs.

    A doctor should know better than this. While exercise of the stretching and flexing type can be very helpful, it will not cure anything. When any kind of aerobic exercise can be tolerated, it will be helpful too, but not if it causes a bad relapse as in many cases of CFIDS. We are all different and differ in our tolerance to exercise. We need to find our own regimen.

    Love, Mikie
  6. zggygirl

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    Hey I do the exercise thing at night too. Well, if you can call it exercise. I stretch, do a few back, arm, stomach exercises. This is when I seem to have the most energy to do it.
    And yup, I used to jog, rollerblade, hike, bike, a lot of good it did me :)
    Sure I feel better for exercising these days, except for the pain that over-rides the feel good part!
  7. Annette2

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    I try to exercise as much as I possibly can. It always makes me FEEL BETTER and the doctors all recommend it. BUT - it IS NOT A CURE! There is a difference between feeling better and being cured. I think the doctors get mixed up on this. I have not had one doctor say to me that they can CURE me. They do say that by doing certain things I can FEEL BETTER - I try to do as much as I can to help myself, but I am in no way cured. Please don't give up on exercise - it is very important - if you can't walk or anything like that, a few stretches will always help.

  8. Seagull

    Seagull New Member

    Hmmmm -- let's see now. BCC (Before Car Crash), I woke at 5 a.m every weekday, to do 45 minutes of step aerobics. Then got ready for work and left to drop my kids at school on the way to the office. At lunchtime, I had a standing arrangement with a buddy to walk 4 miles (we worked in a beautiful parklike area of office buildings that covered several city blocks, with many tree-lined walking paths). (My speed was a 13- to 14-minute mile at that time). After work, my hubby and I would go to the golf course and walk around the circumference, which was three miles, taking us about 40 minutes to complete. Then home, where my hubby, kids and I would walk 5 blocks to and from a restaurant for dinner (with my income at that time, we never ate dinner at home). Now, before bed, I would do another 45 minutes of step aerobics. I might also note that I did bodyshaping with free weights on three days every week. On weekends, my family and I would take off for Stern's Wharf at Santa Barbara (we lived in California back then) and spend hours riding the rental bicycles and running along the beach flying kites (or trying to fly them, at least!). Every other month, we would take off for the weekend to drive to San Diego and stay at the Holiday Inn on the Bay. Every meal, we would walk along the coastline to Seaport Village to eat and then walk back to the hotel. I guess it was about 1 and 1/2 miles one way. Of course, we would always have to walk all over Seaport Village before heading back.

    ACC (After Car Crash), I could no longer exercise or even walk the way I had been in the habit of doing before. The injuries to my spine, neck, shoulders, and head caused me such pain and fatigue that it put a halt to all the activities I had previously enjoyed doing. About 8 months later, they also cost me my job (I was a highly paid mortgage loan underwriter). I was not correctly diagnosed (by any of the neuros or orthos I was sent to) and the PT treatments were not appropriate for the injuries I sustained. It took 9 years for me to finally get a referral to the right specialist, a rheumy) who only then diagnosed me with fibromyalgia secondary to (now) chronic myofascial pain. The kicker in this is that he told me that if I had been correctly diagnosed and treated years sooner, my condition would have been controlable and maybe even reversable and I would likely have been able to continue most of the active life I was robbed of.

    Now, I do aerobic deep breathing exercises for about 20 minutes total for the day. I try to do this every other day, because it really strains my muscles. Once in awhile, I feel up to doing a Leslie Sansone tape (just the one mile now). I cannot lift weights because you can't strengthen a muscle that is already constricted with knots and trigger points. In any case, I never feel good after doing either of these -- I feel in pain and exhausted. I have to use an electric scooter to get around anywhere I have to go. And, I no longer go anywhere to speak of because I just do not have the energy, and the pain that it leaves me with is just not worth the effort.

    Hey, though, I am still alive and I guess that is something to be grateful for -- right?

  9. blondie51

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    I am sorry if I wrote something unacceptable. I don't remember what I wrote that was edited out. I don't know what a URL is. I just now read the rules and the first time user rules and I didn't see anything in there that explained to me what I did wrong. I would appreciate it if someone would explain that to me. Again, I am sorry if I upset anyone. I am new at all of this and I guess I don't know a lot about it. Thanks.
  10. bamboo

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    i believe a URL is a website address. i am sure that no offense was taken by anyone. thanks for joining us and thanks for starting this "discussion"!
  11. stillfighting

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    When I was first diagnosed (around 1995), all the research was saying do vigorous aerobic exercise. Problem was, the work was being done on folks who were just beginning to have problems, and was carried out for maybe 12 weeks with no longterm followup. So, the eternal optimist in me said, let's try it, and bought a Nordic Track. And it worked for quite a long time.

    Now I've relapsed, and come to find out that the research is saying not to exercise vigorously! So I walk. At least it helps a bit with the stamina and muscle tone, and feels good while I'm doing it.

    Bottom line is the research in this area is too new and too short term to have any final answers. So my advice is just use common sense, know your own limits and do what's right for you. I just hope this doc's "cure" doesn't cause a collapse for him or his patients down the road!
  12. kerrymygirl

    kerrymygirl New Member

    I was always teased about how active I was. When I had my 1st signs that is what I was told, so I worked out harder. I always beielve no pain no gain theory.

    Guess what it made me almost totally bedriddren.Would have been only too stubborn.

    Yes, everyone needs to exercise, but it is diff. with us we get worse instead of better when we push as told.

    So, I would like to put them in the longest triathalon,while they have a bad case of the flu and no sleep. Golly wonder how they would do??ER here we come guys.

    A rheume 1 time did say to me Ihave no idea how you do what you do much less get out of bed in am.
  13. Shirl

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    The URL is a web address to the other board you were talking about. I am sorry I should have explained myself better, my fault.

    We are not allowed to post the web addresses of other sites here.

    I did not respond sooner, as I got sick and went back to bed this morning! Am just getting back to the board.

    We are very glad you are here, and I am sorry about not being clear about the web address.

    Again, welcome to you...................

    Shalom, Shirl
  14. beckster

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    I thought the recent research--which I read on this site--
    which said that basically people with CFIDS (not necessarily FMS, that's different) have problems with their heart when they exercise-- instead of pumping MORE blood our hearts pump LESS--explains a lot about why I haven't been able to do exercise or do much exertion for the last 20 years. This, in spite of the fact that I love to exercise. A little walking, that's it for me. A good article.