Rife Beam Ray for Chronic EBV? Lyme?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bunnyfluff, Mar 18, 2007.

  1. bunnyfluff

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    I have been starting to see a holistic healer who is also a D.O. and microbiologist. What a GREAT combo! She did some things @ my first visit no one has ever done for me. I got to look at my blood live on a slide blown up by a microscope on a computer screen, and we looked at a lot of *blood* things together.

    I have been dx'd with chronic EBV for the past 5 months, of course, and cannot seem to get rid of that. She also found in my blood Lyme, which I had gotten tested for, and of course, it had been negative. Which would now explain so many things to me, and why I continue to get sicker and sicker. I was amazed at the things she could tell me about my white blood cells, the red blood cells, and all the things *in between*. I at least feel like now I have some starting points to take some action to dig out of this deep, dark pit I am in.

    Which brings me to the title of my post- I am trying a treatment she does called the Rife Beam Ray, which emits a vibration that kills virus' by making them vibrate past their active vibration point.

    Say, EBV vibrates @ 20,000x a minute, she sets the Beam Ray pulse at 25,0000x a minute, and they die off b/c they cannot take the excess action to their cells. There are many testimonials to this treatment @ the facility, and I have to admit, i did feel better after the first one, but the herxed a little from the die off (normal).

    It will take quite a few of these treatments, but they are cheap ($20/session) and painless.

    Has anyone else ever heard of this?? I am pretty excited at this point.

    Also, I was surprised to find the Lyme, as the test I had done before was quite sofisticated. I do not recall a tick bite, also not unusual, but my understanding is now it can also be transmitted by mosquitoes?
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    My mostly mainstream PCP physician who in also a PPO providerfor Blue Cross, AND a Christian (I caught him and his nurse praying one morning when I arrived early for a Glutathione IV). So, anyway, he has (unofficially) recommended I get (buy, or build) a Rife Machine, that it would help me, to kill off viruses, micoplasmas, parasites, any bug one might have. So. All I'm saying is, I don't know whether they work or not, but my doctor believes they do. And he does NOT sell the treatments, or the machine, or the directions to make the machine.
  3. Mikie

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    I have looked into zappers and Rife machines and I ended up buying my own zapper, which is a lot less expensive than a Rife machine. Some patients buy their own Rife machines but they are mainly used by professionals.

    The Rife can produce many discrete frequencies to target specific pathogens. It can also be used to diagnose. The zapper, on the other hand, uses a "one size fits all" frequency which kills all manner of pathogens in the bloodstream. My Hulda Clark model will accept little electronic cards, which are inexpensive and will produce discrete frequencies.

    There is sound scientific basis for using a destructive frequencies which kill pathogens but do not harm human tissue. Everything, including humans, has its own destructive frequency. My zapper works, not just in theory but in practice. If I use it more than just the recommended auto session, in the manual mode, I can Herx from it. I use it when I feel a virus coming on and it will nip it in the bod while others around me are sick for weeks.

    Hope this helps.

    Love, Mikie
  4. GigglePoet

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    How and where do you get one of these and how much are they. Do they kill parasites as well?

  5. jess

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    Hi, I'm not trying to discourage you from trying the rife machine. Here's what I do know. Afew years ago a good friend bought one and invited some people to use it on a regular schedule. I used it 3 times a week. The machine was very expensive something like 18 thousand dollars. Of course this was maybe 8 years ago. Anyhow, I used it for about 6 months. For me personally it did not work. There were no changes. That doesn't mean it doesn't work. Everyone is different. Just be careful before you purchase one especially if it is still expensive. Maybe you could try it out first. I wish you the best of luck and success with it. Jess
  6. bunnyfluff

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    The product you described is not the same. I am not touched by anything. There is a light beam that passes thru my body= that's it.

    The neat thing about this place is the fees for the treatmants they do are cheap- even accupunture is only about $80/session. They also do yoga, etc there.

    I have had EBV for 5 months!! My last Dr tried to give me a 2nd anti-depressant and tell me to be patient! This certainly cannot be worse than THAT- LOL!~ Well, I'll let you know how effective it is.

    I was very encouraged to finally find the Lyme~ and in doing some research online found that they believe that it can come from a tick bite you had when you were a kid, say, 7 or 8, and lie dormant and be reativated much like any other virus. Only 30% of people will have the rash in any form.
  7. Texas Jackie

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    I also see a holistic DO she does alot of stuff, but nothing like the Rife Beam Ray. But I am intrested in finding more about this treatment. I "talked" with you before about the doc you were seeing, but I never changed docs. I can get Massages at my doc office that my ins. pays for. She does thyroid and bio-idendical harmones, too. But we also butt heads on my treatment.

    Is your doc located in Ft Worth? If so, does she take insurance?

    I did go see Dr Sharp, I know how you feel about him. He now is in private practice again, but no insurance. They will give you a super bill to file on your own. I now have accoring to him Lyme, HHV6, CMV, EBV and allergies to a few foods and sulfa. He recomended Laser Energetic Detoxification. It is for detoxification for the sulfa group and the DAPS Group which includes ixion,Polystyrene, Parabens, Perchlorethlene, atrizine.

  8. bunnyfluff

    bunnyfluff Member

    I love her. She really will listen to you. She does not take insurance, but the fees are very reasonable, and they will give you the paperwork to file with your carrier. The first visit was a full hour consult for $150. The Beam Ray treatments are $20. They do massage and yoga, etc, too, as well as accupunture. All of the fees are very reasonable to me.

    I do feel like it is helping, but the die off makes me itch- LOL!

    Her name is Kari Rollins, D.O., and her # is 817-926-9642

    I was referred by someone who had Lyme pretty bad, and she helped her get rid of it without drugs. I was happy (?!) she found the Lyme- so far no one else had even done that!!

    Also, when i told her about my chest pain, she came up with Pericarditis, like I had done with research. My other Dr had just said "maybe hearburn" (duh, I'm a freakin' idiot!!), or maybe just your CFS pain is worse. I am like, "no, this chest pain is different!", and she was willing to have someone look at my heart to see if the EBV has caused damage- I have been battling it for so long! It can definitely cause organ involvement.

    Anyway, I hope she can help you, too. I feel like I am on the road to recovery!
  9. bunnyfluff

    bunnyfluff Member

    I read about this on wikipedia....how is your Dr saying this is supposed to help you?? I have not heard of this being used before.

  10. Texas Jackie

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    Well I just put 2 & 2 together, my friend here at work, was looking for another doctor for her sister that has CFS. She said that her doctor had quit taking any ins. I ask the Dr name she said Kari Boyd, then she no thats not it. Was suspose to get back to me but we both forgot until you posted to me. However, she decided to stay with her Dr. because she liked her so well.

    Thanks again
  11. clerty

    clerty New Member

    your post I was tested for Lyme last month and it came back normal now you have to wonder about tests how reliable they really are but I am happy for you can I ask do you know exactly the test she did for lyme.
  12. clerty

    clerty New Member

    your post I was tested for Lyme last month and it came back normal now you have to wonder about tests how reliable they really are but I am happy for you can I ask do you know exactly the test she did for lyme.
  13. Waynesrhythm

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    Hi Bunnyfluff,

    I had a Rife machine loaned to me which I was able to use for about 2 years. Brand name was Bio-Tech I think. I programmed in their recommended frequencies to address CFS (including Lyme and EBV) and I used it almost every day, sometimes more.

    I feel the greatest benefit I derived from it was that it calmed my whole system down, and to a certain degree energized me. I miss having it, and continue to consider whether to do the due diligence required to make an informed buying decision.

    A person I talked to who sold various kinds of devices said that he feels people with CFS get benefit from many of these devices, primarily because it supplies extra bio-electric energy to the body, which we are all lacking. This made a certain amount of sense to me, but can’t say if it is true or not.

    I’m far from nearing a buying decision, but my next step was to research the information at the following website.


    I have been receiving e-mail from this site for a while, and continue to be intrigued by what he has to say. He himself says he has researched Rife machines for 9 years and does seem to have some interesting perspectives.

    He sells Rife machines, and if you can handle a bit of “salesyness”, you may want to check it out. It sells for about $2,400 and comes with a 30-day return policy. Didn’t see if there were restocking fees or not, which can be substantial.

    I have heard that many of the different Rife machines out there are very different from each other, each one claiming to be using the original Rife frequencies while their competitors do not. It been hard for me to decipher it all out. I would certainly be interested in hearing others’ experiences.


    P.S. The life story of Royal Raymond Rife is truly an extraordinary one. I wish he was around today to look at this complex illness we deal with. From exploring his life story, I can't help but think he would have been able to help us a lot, especially with the anti-viral/pathogen part of what we deal with.
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  14. clerty

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    from e bay I hope it helps.
  15. bunnyfluff

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    she does microbiology and she & I looked at my blood "live" on a slide blown up by the microscope and watched it on a computer screen. She could see the Lyme.

    From what I have read, if you have had Lyme for awhile, it can be hard to detect.

    Also, that it can lie dormant for years, like from a tick bite you had @ age 7 or 8, and be activated later in life by stress, an accident or illness (sound familiar??)
  16. bunnyfluff

    bunnyfluff Member

    I will let you know if it does the trick, so to speak. It may help in your decision. I agree, I wish Mr Rife was around today.

    Some folks have claimed to be cured of cancer!
  17. clerty

    clerty New Member

    can you be reffered to microbiology I just know something else is going on Like you I have went downhill terrible in the last 3 years I am happy you are getitng answers at last

    claire love

  18. JenniferAnn539

    JenniferAnn539 New Member


    Thanks for posting this information. It's very interesting.

    I am curious to see if others have used the Rife Machine with any success.


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