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  1. HppeandMe

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    Hi gals & guys!

    I am thinking about getting a Rife machine but they are quite pricey. Is anyone having success with one or does anyone know anyone who has had success with one.

    I have a friend who is a Lyme patient who told me that people have gone into remission usuing a Rife machine. He is not using it though.

    I would really like to here from others regarding experiences and opinions.


    ANNXYZ New Member

    because of many positive posts on lymenet , and lyme support site . There are posts now on the subject , and many folks have posted in the past that rife made a HUGE difference , even those who failed to improve on Antibiotics for a couple of years .

    Having so many people testify that it helps is IMPRESSSIVE .

    Jarjar is the person here who told me about lyme net . It is also a VERY informative site .
  3. HppeandMe

    HppeandMe New Member

    Thank you so much for your feedback. You have me excited about the Rife!
  4. victoria

    victoria New Member

    do you realize there's a book specifically about Rife machines and Lyme?

    ... you can find it at amazon, it's:

    When Antibiotics Fail: Lyme Disease and Rife Machines,
    with Critical Evaluation of Leading Alternative Therapies

    by Bryan Rosner

    Book Description
    There are enough books and websites about what Lyme Disease is and which ticks carry it. But there is very little useful information for people who actually have a case of Lyme Disease that is not responding to conventional antibiotic treatment. Lyme Disease sufferers need to know how to get better, not how to identify a tick.

    This book is about how experimental frequency devices known as "rife machines" have been used for over 15 years in private homes to successfully fight Lyme Disease. Many Lyme Disease sufferers have heard of rife machines, some have used them.

    But until now there has not been a concise and reliable source to explain how and why they work, and how and why other therapies fail. In the book you will learn that rife machine therapy offers numerous advantages over antibiotic therapy, including sustained effectiveness, affordability, convenience, autonomy from the medical establishment, and avoidance of candida complications.

    The Foreword for the book is by Richard Loyd, Ph.D., one of the nation’s leading rife machine researchers and coordinator of the annual Rife International Health Conference. Rife machine expert Marc Fett and Coil Machine inventor Doug MacLean contribute their knowledge and experience in the book, as do several other prominent rife machine experts and Lyme Disease researchers.

    Throughout the book you will find stories of Lyme Disease sufferers who have used rife machines. You'll learn how they did it, what they would have done differently, and their experiences with other therapies.

    This book is user-friendly for people who have no prior knowledge of rife machines, but advanced enough to encompass documented scientific research and Lyme Disease pathology. The book contains critical rife machine information organized into a straight-forward and concise format. A detailed index and table of contents allow navigation to the topics you are interested in.

    The book takes a practical, down-to-earth approach which allows you to learn about:

    • Why rife machines work after other therapies fail, including specific problems with antibiotics

    • Sample rife machine treatment schedules and sessions

    • The most effective rife machines: High Power Magnetic Pulser, EMEM machine, Coil Machine (also known as the Doug Device) and AC Contact Machine

    • Explanation of the "herx reaction" and why it indicates progress

    • Critical evaluation of leading alternative therapies, including mercury detoxification, ozone therapy, homeopathy, hyperbaric oxygen chamber, herbs, colloidal silver, colostrum, and more

    • How use of multiple machines can lead to synergistic benefit and accelerated recovery

    • What it feels like to use rife machines - discover the steps to healing

    • Extensive discussion of antibiotics, including natural and herbal antibiotics

    • The intriguing story that led to use of rife machines as a treatment for Lyme Disease - how it all began

    • Answers for skeptics

    • Safety and side effects

    • A description of rife machine components

    • How to combine rife machine therapy with other supportive therapies to accelerate progress

    • Many other carefully selected subjects

    Good luck with whatever you decide... and if you get one, please let us know what happens!

    all the best,

  5. pawprints

    pawprints New Member

    Does anyone know how to locate someone in a certain area with a rife machine?

    I would much prefer to try one a few times than buy one outright.

    Any suggestions?
  6. lagf

    lagf New Member

    We have purchased a rife....it is much more advanced then what you read in the rife book....more updated.
    We have started programs and will be a few weeks before more detail to give.
    I purchased from a Dallas person on advise of Dr. Cowden. the software is written by a person in Rumania, which you can speak with in setting up the program. Knowing which program and frequency is the kicker that I think should come from your doctor.
    Pawprints....ask your doctor (who we share) or you can contact me direct. I am happy to give info but would tell doctor so he can help direct....and he can get info from Cowden .....
  7. suexi

    suexi New Member

    how much are they??
  8. lagf

    lagf New Member

    It was 1000.00
  9. pawprints

    pawprints New Member

    Thanks for the information.

    I will be holding off for awhile due to the large price tag. Maybe I can find someone in my area to do a few sessions.

    Time will tell. Keep us updated. It it works, it is worth the money!
  10. ANNXYZ

    ANNXYZ New Member

    on lymenet , if you post there . I have read many positive responses , and think some members have paid less than $ 500.oo

    The members there can give you the info on where they purchased .
  11. lagf

    lagf New Member

    I will not know for several weeks. This was reccommmended by Dr. Cowden. I will tell you that I have researched and do not think they are all the same or equal. Regarding this cost....we will see.
    Happy Holidays to all ....
  12. HppeandMe

    HppeandMe New Member

    The Rife that I want is $1900 but they do finance. Afriend of mine who has lyme wants me to try Salt & C treatment first. I'm not sure what that is but he said it works faster than the rife machine. I am going to call him to get the full scoop.

    There are lots of Rifes out there with different prices. I do know that if you buy one that needs assembly that it will cost considerably less. I just don't know anyone myself who can help me with assembly. I read in the book that was recommended to me above that they can build in $800 or more just for assembly. You will not be told that unless you ask for there unassembuled price. Some companies do not sell the ones that are unassembled but many do. Just do a search. I even here that they sell them on e-bay.

    The book I am reading also says that it can take up two years before you feel better so you have to stick with it and do it everyday. The one that I used at an Alternative Medicine place was for 21 minutes. Not to much out of anyone's day.

    Take care,
  13. ANNXYZ

    ANNXYZ New Member

    have had success with the EMEM machines and mention a
    website called rifelabs. Supposedly , a man named Dave , is very helpful with rifelabs .
  14. lagf

    lagf New Member

    What is the salt treatment??

    Our rife is a machine connecting to a computer with a software program generating the electrical ..... you use pads on wrist....
  15. victoria

    victoria New Member

    If you google 'sea salt vitamin C' you'll find the website for it, also if you put Salt/C in the search box up above for here, there's been some discussion about it, as well as on the main CF/FM board...

    It sounds counter-intuititve to take high amounts of salt in particular, but the difference is that it is sea salt... they do explain it on their own site, if I remember correctly to get the whole protocol is only about $30, is an e-book.

    My husband has had heightened blood pressure in recent years, but tried it anyway; he didn't find that it raised his BP, and found he felt he was herxing... he just doesn't feel bad enough to do it consistently.

    My son tried it last summer while also taking abx and seemed to get more of a herx than he could handle. So it does seem like it does do something at least for some people, judging from my family's results and others you can read about online at that website, and JarJar's response here and others.

    Hope that helps!

  16. victoria

    victoria New Member

    using it here these days?