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    Hi I have just popped on to say I am feeling a bit better
    I am off all those ruddy xanax and stillnox tablets they really messed me up in the head I cant believe I eneded up in a locked ward I am so ashamed of what happened anyway I have used my rife machine twice and I can honestly say I think it is helping me I am still feeling rotten but my heart is not pou nding out of my chest which makes me think that the EBV is effecting my heart I would urge you if you are feeling so ill and depressed to get one I paid 900 bucks on e bay for one !!
  2. hi all,
    hi there clerty,oohh my goodness me,its so good to see you back on the boards.ive been worried about you.

    im happy to hear that you have got your medication sorted out.

    im sorry that you ended up in that ward,but i suppose it was to keep you safe,and also to find out what was causing your severe symtoms,eekk i cant spell,sorry.

    anyway its great that you are back with us sweetheart.

    could i just ask you to explain to me,what is a rife machine?

    dont type out your answer yet,if you are feeling poorly.ill check back now and then,to see if you replied.

    take care clerty

    love fran
  3. clerty

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    Rife Machine

    Dr. Royal Rife Cured Cancer With Electronic Frequencies In The 1930's

    Dr. Royal Raymond Rife cured cancer in the 1930s! Rife Technology is taking a big rebound in modern times, with the use of modern day home computers. The technology used by Rife Frequency Generators and the famous rife machine can be matched using a PC and a soundcard with speakers. A flood of successful Rife Machine Experimenters have posted their frequencies and results on the Internet and it is taking the world by storm!

    A man named Royal Raymond Rife focused his research on curing cancer, yet he's hardly known, despite his documented accomplishments.

    Royal Raymond Rife was fresh out of college when he became friends with Henry Timken, a businessman who gained a fortune in the ball-bearing industry. Rife himself was a genius with expertise in virtually all areas of engineering. Rife actually built a record-breaking boat motor with a remarkable 2700 horsepower in 1915! He called it "Kitty Hawk the Fifth" and it held records in America for years, before the Rife Machine was invented.

    Rife had an extensive background working with Carl Zeiss, the famous lens manufacturer. This gave Dr. Rife the budget to go out and do his own incredible inventions including the Rife Machine.

    In 1920's San Diego, Rife used that generous budget to build a research lab where he set out to find a causative agent for cancer. His expertise in such diverse areas of engineering allowed him to excel quickly and build every part he needed in his own machine shop.

    By the early 1930's Rife had built microscopes capable of viewing living viruses. In the laboratory Rife found two viruses which he associated with the presence of cancerous tumors. He called these viruses the 'BX virus,' for the carcinoma-associated virus and the 'BY virus,' for the sarcoma-associated virus.

    Rife knew that he could vibrate a microbe with 'coordinative resonance' until it is overpowered and dissolves. He began to search for the frequencies which would disrupt the growth of the virus.

    He called these frequencies the 'Mortal Oscillatory Rate' or M.O.R. for short. The M.O.R. frequency was Rife's 'kill' frequency - the frequency that the microbe naturally resonates at, and which Rife believed would dissolve the tumors. Later, he documented his success in Medical Journals and astounded the world with his findings. Rife Technology was founded...

    The famous Rife Machine was born. His work was shunned from the medical community. There was absolutely too much to lose for doctors and drug companies to allow the possibility of a cure-all machine! Fortunately, some of the other physicians on his team would not let go of Rife Technology. They published their findings, not to allow greedy monopolies from taking Rife technology away from the public. More on this at www.rife.org

    Thanks xx


  4. hi all,
    hi clerty,many thanks for your information about the rife machine.

    im certainly going to go and check out that web site.

    many thanks

    love fran

    rest well xx
  5. Mikie

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    I truly believe in the ability of certain low-voltage, low-frequency electricity to kill pathogens. The Rife machines are the top-of-the-line machines as they can diagnose and have a myriad of discrete frequencies.

    If one cannot afford a Rife, I think the zappers are a great way to go. I got mine at the Hulda Clark website for $150 about six years ago. It really does work. If I use it for more than the normal zapping time, it will produce a Herx. There is a one-size-kills-all frequency for pathogens. There are also some cards which you can plug into the zapper to change the frequency. I can't remember all of them but one of them is for cancer.

    Love, Mikie
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    I got my rife machine on Friday and I have been using it for various ailments. I have used it for acne, too. I got mine on Ebay from a guy who builds them, I paid a little under 700.00. The guy then calls you and goes through operating the machine with you. I am glad I got one :)
  7. clerty

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    I am sure these machines are the way forward I have had test after test and nothing shows up apart form EBV but I am sure I have some type of infection anyway I need to build up my immune system .

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    hello, i have posted some information and experiences and questions about rife and zappers under the urine therapy post....please read, and comment if you can.....i believe there is so much to this and many people attack it---even in my cfs support group....it is ashamed it is like an underground treatment that many make fun of.....poor mr. rife
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    I think I have lyme disease. When I use the lyme frequencies, I have reactions that sure resemble a pretty significant herx on the machine. Others with lyme report this also.

    I am wondering, those of you reporting here and using a rife, do you herx on the machine and what frequencies are you using. I've always wondered if everyone with cfs herxes on this or maybe this really is a confirmation of also having a lyme infection.

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  10. Mikie

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    Since I only have a zapper, I can't speak specifically to the Lyme frequency. I can, however, report that I have definitely Herxed after using the zapper if I use it for longer than the auto setting. I use it in the manual mode if I know I have an active infection.

    I have not been tested for Lyme but because I had a mycoplasma infection, and the treatment is basically the same, I figured that it wasn't necessary.

    I do believe that Lyme is far more prevalent that most docs believe it is.

    Love, Mikie
  11. norris2

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    This is interesting. I'll search the archives to see more of your posts on using a zapper. When you say "active infection", do you mean the nasty, occult, chronic CFS-type of infections or run of the mill acute infections. Thanks.
  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Both, actually. So far, my chronic infections seem to be latent, but you never know what may allow them to reactivate. Used to be if I got run down, I'd feel the symptoms' returning and I would try to get on the zapper post haste. All the time when I was treating the chronic infections, I was using the zapper on a regular basis. When using it on a regular basis, I usually just let it run through the auto mode when it pulses off and on in a pattern which has been researched and found to be the most effective at killing pathogens. If I know an infection is active, whether a cold or my chronic infections which have reactivated, I also run it for 20 mins. in the manual mode. After about three days of running it in both modes, it will usually produce a Herx.

    I also have Doxycycline and Acyclovir on hand just in case these nasty bugs try to rear their ugly heads. I've had very understanding docs who prescribe these because they know how difficult it can be to treat long-term infections with pathogens which never really leave the body. Most docs know about the Herpes Family Viruses but I have told my docs about e-mailing Dr. Nicolson, the expert in mycoplasma infections, because most docs don't know that mycoplasmas, like Lyme, leave cysts deep inside the body and they can reactivate.

    On the occasions when I have come down with some kind of virus going around, I usually recover within days if I use the zapper. All the people around me are usually coughing and feeling lousy for several weeks.

    I was already familiar with destructive frequencies in physics so the zappers didn't seem strange to me at all. The basic science of how they work makes sense. The govt. has been messing around with destructive frequencies as potential weapons, using frequencies which would be harmful to humans, according to some things I have read.

    The most famous example of destructive frequencies is the bridge in Tacoma which started to vibrate at its destructive frequency and literally shook apart. I've seen film of it and it appears that it happened a long time ago.

    Love, Mikie
  13. clerty

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    I have used my rife machine for the cfs setting and fibromyalgia setting which is 1.5 hours.

    I have not herxed yet as I have only used it twice but I am going to try the lyme setting tomorrow.

  14. norris2

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    Do you herx on any antibiotics? Also, I will be very interested to hear what happens on the lyme freqs. If you do herx, it may take a day or two for it to hit you. Thanks.
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    I use the frequencies for EBV, candida and pain and I have noticed a bit of stomach ache the past couple of days. Nothing big just a little discomfort...
  16. Mikie

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    Or both. I finally had a HUGE Herx from the Bactrim for my UTI. It took two cycles of the ABX before it cleared up. I was using the zapper daily in both the manual and auto modes.

    Last night, I restarted the MCP supps and this morning, it felt like detox and not the Herx. I didn't sleep well last night but I think it had more to do with being the fifth anniversary of my Mom's death than anything physical. I've coped well with my grief but the anniversary dates always get to me a bit.

    When I first started treating the mycoplasma infection with Doxycycline, I would have really big Herxes. Same when I started the Heparin injections and when I started the transfer factors. The injections and TF's caused a much bigger immune reaction and feeling fluish and exhausted. Each thing we do to kill pathogens can cause a different type of reaction but it all falls under the immune response/Herx/detox category.

    Love, Mikie
  17. clerty

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    antibiotics used to work for me but I got scared using them so I stopped!!!


  18. hannahfaid

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    made me so sick I stopped taking it.. I tok it for Mycoplasma too. Not to mention I am sure it did nothing but increase the candida overgrowth...
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    I have been told by a number of alternative doctors that a rife machine would help. I am thinking of buying one as soon as life calms down a bit. I hope the herx is not too bad.
  20. inbetweendays

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    i have read rife machines are a huge help for lyme--even by some mainstream docs who contracted it and antibiotics failed them.....i have also heard in the wrong hands they can be very dangerous.....and watch out for counterfit macnines....i guess this is why many of the posts suggest reading and doing your homework...