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    I have been reading two of Bryan Rosner's books "The Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments" and "Lyme Disease and Rife Machines". Of course all this is experimental and the Rife Machine is not approved by the FDA. Therefore doctors cannot tell you about it unless you ask and then most of the doctors don't know anything about it.
    I found his books very exciting and am thinking about buying a Rife Machine. His books make sense to me although I am not a medical person. But I would like to take a break from antibiotics. If anyone has anything experience with this machine I would like to hear about it.
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    my DH got one, the GB400, for our son to use. He did try it in betwen abx pulses, but, it was hard to do while doing abx, so it is laying in wait right now.

    There is a yahoo group: lyme-and-rife where there are some really good files and you can search back messages; and they've also just started a board about it (last week) so that messages can be hopefully more coherent and can be referenced: lyme-and-rife.com

    Richard Loyd also has a site to look at, royalrife.com

    There are so many types of machines, and it seems like not everyone does well with any one machine. It seems like no matter what one tries, it's confusing and sort of a shot in the dark.

    One thing most rifers do recommend highly is using MMS (Miracle Mineral Drops) first. There's a book available but it is badly written;

    however, there may be a lot to it, many have reported herxing with it including my own family. I have a post here (I think it's still on the first page here) about my DH, my son, my daughter, and her BF using it...

    hope that helps...

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    Thanks for the response. I just looked at both the sites you mentioned-Royal Rife and the Yahoo site just in the past couple of days. It takes a while to learn how to manuever around in them. It is a little scary to think of trying a Rife Machine and working around the electricity, voltage etc. I haven't talked with my Doctor yet on how she feels. She is a Lyme Friendly doctor but not considered LLMD.
    Right now I have been on Zithromycin for 7 months plus amantadine, artimisinin, and Flagyl in the beginning. Then in March she switched me to Tindemax since I wasn't tolerating the Flagyl, and also put me on mepron for co infection along with the first three drugs I mentioned.
    I know it is not very far into my treatment but I am worried about the bacteria becomning resistant to the Zithro. If I get a Rife Machine it wouldn't be until I am finished with the Mepron treatment however. I have a few months.
    I haven't heard about the Miracle Mineral drops but will read more on them. You get to the point where you are willing to try anything.
    Herxing seems to be coming for a few days every week. When I go off all these meds I feel much better. Strange!
    We are all so LUCKY to have contracted this disease aren't we.
    Anyway thanks for the response. Beth
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    Just wanted to say, it's not strange that you feel better when you're off the abx in between pulses at all!

    It means your immune system is bouncing back, and the bugs are being killed... that's a good sign!

    You can network thru the yahoo group, if someone is near you that has any of the rife machines, often you can give it a try to see if it helps. It's hard to decide which one to get, seems like there are a lot of divided opinions, many have tried more than 1. Perhaps it depends on the strain of Bb and/or co-infections...

    take care,

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    Hi guys,

    I use a rife machine, though I don't have Lyme (a Lymie told me to look here). They work. I have one that is very easy to use, preprogrammed etc. (there is a Lyme program) but if you know what you are doing, it might be better to get one that isn't pre-programmed. For anyone who wants to look, I have the Global Wellness Plus machine with a choice of thin plate, hand held cylinders or crystal cylinders to emit the frequencies.

    If you go to their website, there is a number you can call and ask what feedback they have had about Lyme. They seemed to answer my questions honestly.

    Best Susan
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    I knew a professional who had a Rife Light, a very extensive (and expensive) model. It had many programs, and was updatable. I knew many people who benefited from it, including an animal of my own--no placebo effect there!! I no longer have access to it and would love to have the treatments. To understand it, you have to have a basic knowledge of how energy works. Our bodies work on electricity. When something is wrong, we can correct it by providing it with the correct frequency or one to counteract the negative energy of the disease. There are many books out there on vibrational energy. If you don't understand, and can't "bone up" on it, just go on faith. It is wonderful.
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    the Bionic 880, German-made, is the newest, most advanced device that's most likely to work. If it costs 6,000 euros, that would not be cheap in dollars. I want to find out what the leasing cost is, since it's only supposed to take between 6 and 10 treatments to not only kill Lymes and coinfections, but it also re-regulates the body systems. What other machine can do all of that at once!?!?! wow!

    I haven't found out what the doctors in Germany, France, and England have used with the Bionic 880 to detoxify since the kill off is so fast.

    Light therapy is already approved by the FDA, so this device should be o.k. too, I would think. But there may not be many distributors in the U.S. yet, so hopefully it will ship here.
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    My son hasn't been doing the rife, yet, still needs to finish chelating heavy metals (had lots for some unknown reason).

    I know someone who is using the doug coil which is a bit different, she feels she is getting good results from it.

    It'd be great to get some updates...?

    all the best,