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    on the lyme board, they are talking about a machine that you can buy and use to help you get rid of cmv, hhh6, mycoplasma, ebv, and others, the name is rife.........its very very expensive, you only used this machine 10 second a day its you rest it on your lap, its about frequencies, and this guy said he hasnt seen a dr for his lyme, he dont do drs. he use it on his wife over the years, she is 90 percent better.....he told me that it kills off viruses but a little harder with bacteria...but it will lower it over time, the site is rife.com i think that is the site, oh there is a....get this part....... A WAITIng LIST TO GET THIS THOUSAND DOLLAR MACHINE....if anyone interesting in buying and using for the mention above...go to rife.
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    he has used it on himself and his wife, and claimed that they are doing great. i dont have thousand dollars, may if it was 30 dollars, i would have tried it......
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    Mikie (who used to be on this board a lot more) bought a zapper from the Hulda Clark website - it is similar to a Rife machine. She said she got good results with hers. You can google Hulda Clark zapper to find out more. I think the zipper is quite a bit cheaper than $1,000 although still a couple hundred.

    Here's one of Mikie's posts from last June:

    It was discovered, through trial and error, that I appeared to have some chronic viral and mycoplasma infections. I used the zapper as an adjunct treatment to my ABX and AV's. I figured it couldn't hurt and might help. I know it works because when I started using it, I had a very slight fungal infection beneath my toenails. It is common here in SW FL. I never had the thick, discolored nails that a severe infection produces but I did have those little white spots under them. As my nails grew out, I noticed that there were no more white spots and the new growth looked pinker and healthier.

    If I feel myself coming down with something, I will get the old zapper out and use it in manual mode for about 20 minutes and then use it on auto mode. I have experienced Herx-like reactions from doing this, which usually signals a large dieoff of pathogens. The zappers only work on pathogens in the bloodstream and not deep within body tissue.

    I bought mine from the Hulda Clark website years ago. Zappers use a "one frequency kills all" device; however, there are cards one can insert for discrete frequencies which target specific pathogens. The Rife Machines will produce the whole spectrum of frequencies and can be used to diagnose as well as treat various conditions.

    I've never regretted the investment. There are cheaper models than the Clark model but mine is made in Germany and very well constructed. There are instructions for making one's own zapper but it must be tested before using to ensure it is producing the necessary wave shape/frequency.

    Hope this helps.

    Love, Mikie
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    There is a lyme and rife group at yahoo groups.... they have files etc, it might make some interesting reading. There are people who it has helped, and many for whom it hasnt - where have I heard that before. I can tell you my son tried it even tho he & we were very skeptical, but he herxed the same as he did with the abx at the time.

    bottom line is when other things do not work, one will try many reasonable alternatives. There is history about Rife himself that doesn't surprise me at all.

    OK I already know who's gonna disagree here... just putting my 2 cents worth in, which doesn't buy much these days anywhere.

    all the best in this wonderful season of fellowship and goodwill!

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    Ever hear about the Japanese WWII history books?

    Rife may sound crazy, but may be crazy enough to be true. So was the microbe theory. So was h. pylori & ulcers. So was the thought man could fly - US patent office turned down the Wright brothers appplication because everybody 'knew' mankind could not fly, it'd been proven prior to that. Oh yeah, forgot about acupuncture.

    Well, if it is ever tested carefully by anyone with any 'name' AND an unbiased mind, and shown to help ANY condition/illness, there will still be a high hurdle to jump given the "industries that be". A good example is Reeves at the CDC regarding CF/FM/ME and Wesseley of the UK.

    I don't know if it works or how well it works, scientifically, of course. But Kerrilynn is right - if it's not harmful I don't have a problem trying something that is unproven either. And if I find that it works, I personally would spend the money. And if I had 'extra' money, I'd take the chance...

    Nothing works for everyone anyway, as we all know too well. (& I'm betting that if we are ever all tested for XMRV, there will be a distinct subgroup that doesn't show up positive.)

    For those of you who like to research and decide for yourselves, try starting with: http://www.rife.org/

    Holiday Cheer to everyone!