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  1. redsox10

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    Does anyone have any experience with the RIFE machine? If so some input would be great.
  2. jarjar

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    There is a rife yahoo group. You might want to do a search for that on yahoo groups. Also it is brought up on lymenet often. You might want to do a search for history of the subject on that site.

    From what I have noticed it seems people who have taken abx for awhile and want to move on to something different usually go the rife route.
    Some also combine rife and abx.

    I know Dr. B is not that big on it as he feels it is too much radiation on the body...best of my memory. But other docs support it.

    Brian also known as skyking on lymenet is writing a new book as he is big on Rife and the Marshall Protocol for people to go into recovery.

    Good luck