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    So I go on celebrex after having some severe joint pain. then, after this i get painful glands. i'm off of it.now the doc is wondering could this be herhxheimer reaction/the painful joints. Oh mannnnnn !!!! I get a chest xray too, soon and i am scared for it. what are they looking for? why? I have had the following labs:
    sed rate = 11
    white count has been slightly elevated at 12K since december/flu shot

    thanks guys! love you all!
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    I have a sed rate of around 25 which I have been told is not real high but does indicate inflamation. On my last labs it indicated that I had a high CRP risk. This means that I am at the highest risk of coronary heart disease. But, because of the elevated sed rate this CRP test was complicated by inflammatory disease (high sedrate)Is this why the chest xray for you? my white count was 9.9. Just a uneducated guess on my part about the chest xray. keep us posted.
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    Hi Cristine! Just wondering if you are allergic to sulfa? I am & my family doc was going to give me celebrex for some inflamation, but after looking at my chart, said I couldn't take it because it contains sulfa. I had a reaction when I was a baby & my mom can't remember what kind of reaction it was but I have been told to never take anything containing sulfa. Don't know if what you're experiencing could be a reaction of if it is the herxing you're talking about.

    Good luck on finding an answer.........Kathi
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  4. cristine04

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    thanx for the advice. now i am on Vioxx, we'll see how it goes. this gland pain came about once i started the celebrex, it's still lingering a bit right now even though it's been almost 24 hours since I took it. it hurts. as far as the SED rate, my doc says normal range is between 10-20, so mine being 11 is "fine." this is what led him to say, "try some anitdepressants." JERRKK thinks i'm full of it. lately i've been feeling this weird sense of desperation to get better. it's intense. as for herxing, not sure--its 3 weeks today that i started the 100mg twice/day doxy treatment. since taking it i've felt sort of crappy all along. not sure....confused.