Right Knee hurts worse

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. rosemarie

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    I am hurting so much more since my right knee started to hurt when I go up stairs. It clicks alot and locks and boy does it hurt to go up the stairs and even down them. I know that with all the knee problems I have osteoarthritis in both knees, floating stuff inside the knee joints and inmmatation. The cure is for me to have both knee's replaced. But that is going to have to wait a while till I get this medicare stuff straightened out.
    I am so tired of being in pain and unable to walk with out pain. I want to cry some days because it hurts so much.

    I don't want to add to the amount of pain pills that I am taking now since I am alreaddy on MScontin and MSIR. I try to take the least amount possiable but today I have had to take the full doseage. Just what I need now. My daughter needs a baby sitter but I can't help her out as Jaden weighs too much for me to lift and he gets around really fast now that he crawls and stands up.
    She has not asked me for help because she knows that while I want to baby sit I can't do it. But it still hurts to not be able to help her out.
    It is so hard to not feel useless around here, I help out with my Mom taking her to the doctors office, hosptial, dentist ect. SO I do help out but I can't do the things I really want to do.

    I need to lose weight and it is so hard to do it but I have decided to try and do some deep water arobics. I am looking in to when the city pool opens so that I can take the class's for the summer. AS our pool is out doors so it is limited when I can take class's.

    I am going to check in to the high schools in though out the county this fall to see who has deep end water arobics so I can keep my joints moving.

    I only have the one grandson around this summer and I really miss the other 2 as they are in Texas till Sept. Braxton is 3 and Kari is 1. My daughter keeps me informed about how she and the babies are doing. but it is so hard to not be able to see her and the kids.
    Well I better try to get some sleep. I have had a hard time sleeping since last year when Mom got so ill and I was the one that went to the hospital with her when it was out of town. I stopped sleeping good at that time as I was so afraid that some thing bad would happen at night. Now I have to get over that as it is out of my control.

    Sorry I am rambling on about every thing.

    Thanks for listening.
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    Hi Rosemarie

    I understand your pain about not being able to take care of the grandson and your mom due to your own physical limitations. Just keep remembering that you do help when you can with w hat you do, and I am sure your mom appreciates it.

    As for losing weight, I'm with you there girlfriend. Can you take the baby for a stroller ride? That would be a good walking exercise for you and you would also have something to hang on to.

    Also, you can call your school system and ask if there is a warm pool someplace. We have a separate school and building for the physically and mentally impaired, and I found out they have a warm pool there!

    Exercising in warm water sure is nice!

    But remember, even with the outside pool where you only exercise in good weather, you will be exercising more than if you didn't sign up at all! And - here is a true story of successful aerobic exercise. I gained 50# with my first three children, and when I was pg. with my 4th, I took water aerobics while the kids were in swimming lessons, at an outside pool, and I only gained 25# with him!

    My knees hurt also, and sometimes more than what the pain medicine will cover, so I use friction (rubbing), heat (mentholatum) and sometimes both together. I also lay on the couch and put my feet over the back, I think that helps maybe because fluid drains out of the knee and makes it feel better.

    Too bad we aren't neighbors, we could help each other. :)

    Good Luck and gentle hugs.

    Love, Lillie

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