Right leg feels like it's breaking off in its socket

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by SweetT, Aug 19, 2006.

  1. SweetT

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    I've been having trouble walking because my right leg feels as if it's going to break off, right at the beginning of it (where it starts at my pelvic region).

    Can anyone tell me what might be happening? If I set out to walk, it completely stops me in my tracks.

    Does it happen when you overdo it? I did walk a long way on my lunchbreak yesterday. And I walked fast, as I was hurrying to get back to work on time.

    I really think that I need a mobility aid, but something lighweight and not cumbersome, like a wheelchair or scooter. Any ideas? A rollator with a seat and a basket, perhaps?
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    Dear SweetT:

    I have a terrible hip problem as well. Does it feel bad when you sit down with your knees higher than your hip...like on a lower bench, or the ground? My feels as if it actually has dislocated, and I get all sorts of electrical zaps until I can change my position. It sometimes takes a few minutes, and while that is going on it is very painful...I have actually throw up during this time. Mine also gets numb...and then my entire leg gets numb...which is scary and dangerous. I hit my leg on things when it is numb and I do not feel it, but I always have nasty bruises and cuts on my right leg.

    I have some big bone spurs in my hip, and was told by many excellent doctors to have hip surgery to reposition the femur head (the ball part of your leg) into the hip socket in a place that had more cartilige. At that time they would also remove the bone spur...but thought that it would grow back fairly quickly. I had to get a 2nd opinion, and did, and the 2nd doctor advised me to wait until I could not walk. I was only 33 and his concern was that hip replacements were only lasting for up to 15 years and that would really limit the choice that I would have later on in life. I did wait, and have not yet had to have the surgery. It has been more than 10 years now.

    Also, I do water exercises all the time...and try to walk 20-40 minutes each day. I am trying to lose weight, but have other medical issues that require meds that seem to thwart my attempts. I am eating better, and hope that all these things will contine to allow me to be able to walk. I know what I am looking at in the future, and I think that as soon as this problem really limits what I do, I would have the hip replacement surgery.

    I would check with your doctor, as there are many things that could be going on, and you could do more damage by not adressing it now. Do not want to scare you, but apparently it is easy for the blood supply to the femur head to be compromised, and that could cause the bone itself to start to die. I think that the name of this is necrotic.

    Good luck to you, and I hope you can figure out a way to keep on getting around that is not to complicated or cumbersome to you.


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