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    I have read you're posts and agree with you wholeheartedly so far with all you've said. I so much want to start on the diet that you've described, I just havn't completely mustered up the strength to attach the task. This is something I've been thinking about for a long time.......I have to mentally prepare myself for the challenge......right now it seems overwhelming because it seems like its going to be alot of work. But inside I know everything you've said....has been in my heart. I would like to know how you started........did you have any help at all in the beginning preparing meals on a daily basis? Right now it just seems like so much work.

    I'm glad I read your posts because it is the inspiration I need to get started. I can't wait for you to compile info about all that you've done.

    You know what some people think is a healthy diet....really isn't! But I know just from reading your posts that you really have gotten the big picture. I am so happy for you.