Right quadrant upper back pain, please help!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lvjesus, Aug 1, 2010.

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    Yesterday I developed a fairly severe pain in one spot in my upper back on the right side. It is about 2 inches down from my shoulder blade and and two inches over towards my spine. It started yesterday afternoon when we were visiting relatives in another town and by the time I got home it was much, much worse.

    Carrying the suitcase (not heavy at all) up the step caused me to cry out in pain and have to set it all down. When I lifted my arm to pull my shirt over my head the pain was very sharp also. The heating pad eased it up some but it is still with me this morning. I took a pain pill before I left my sister's but as far as I can tell it did nothing for this pain, which is what I actually expected and why I put off taking it until I almost could not stand it because who wants to waste a pain pill on pain that it won't help?

    I also tried Icy Hot and Ben Gay, which also did nothing. I am worried that it might not be fibro and also because I am on vacation from tomorrow through Friday and planning to take my daughter shopping and to the Safari Park so I don't want to be sidelined with this crap.

    Any similar experiences or advise is welcomed :)
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    ...(upper and lower back, shoulders, and buttocks)...Fibromyalgia causes many different kinds of muscle pains, but usually in specific areas." -- according to the book, "Fibromyalgia: A patient expert walks you through everything you need to learn and do the first year," by Claudia Craig Mareck.

    Apparently, this is related to where those tender points and trigger points are.

    That said, your back pain is worth talking to your doctor about. There are quite a number of health problems that can be felt as back pain, and people with fibro are NOT immune to other health problems! A good doctor should be able to help find out whether your pain is actually your fibro, or not.


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    often work better than the chemical stuff. Not convenient, I know.

    But if heat helps at all, you can stick on one of those Thermacare packs & you're good for about 8 hrs., IME.

    Travel gives us all sorts of opportunities to strain soft tissue. Most people experience muscle strains/pulls in the course of their lifetimes. The difference with fibro is, IME, the pain is magnified & the healing process takes longer than for a typical person.

    Have you tried an OTC anti-inflam like Motrin, Advil or Naproxen? Sometimes where there is a muscle or ligament injury they work better than other types of pain pills.

    IME, where there is a minor soft tissue injury, usually with a few days of *resting* the affected area, + anti-inflams + heat/cold, will bring about some improvement. My personal guideline is, if a few days of self-treatment doesn't bring about any improvement, it's time to seek professional help.

    The timing may be inconvenient, but would your daughter take a rain check on the plans? Alternatively, could another trusted family member/friend fill in for you if a rain check isn't possible?

    Best wishes.
  4. RENA0909

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    It is mostly in my right shoulder blade and the only relief is when my hubby massages the whole shoulder blade for a few minutes.Quite a bit of pressure is needed to get it to relax.

    It is a horrible sickly pain and I feel for you!I never got any relief from painkillers or creams either.
    Try the massage!


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