right side stomach/rib pain

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    I haven't been on here in a long time but have been going to a Rheumatologist for about 3 months. I still don't have a real dx. Been on all kinds of medicine for back, shoulder, hip, and insomnia pain. Dr. says I have mild arthritis in my back and lots of stress and anxiety (go figure!).

    He hasn't mentioned fibro but I think I'm going to ask him about it the next time I go because I'm always in some kind of pain and it moves from one spot to the other without any warning. I can be hurting really bad in one area and then it seems like all of a sudden I start having excrutiating pain in another area.

    IT"S CRAZY! and SCARY!

    The question I wanted to ask today is if anyone could give me some advice about my latest pain.

    For the last few days I have been hurting really bad on my right side. The pain is located near and kind of on my ribs but also in my upper stomach area. It's really hard to describe exactly where it is.

    I had this same kind of pain in 2002 right before I had my gallbladder removed. I was wondering if anyone else has this kind of pain AFTER their gallbladder was removed.

    The pain feels like a burning, sore, aching, and throbbing pain that hurts in the upper right side of my stomach right next to and onto my ribs and through to my back.
    It's not an extremely horrible pain; just really achy and bothersome. Also hurts around and up into the sides of my ribs. Sometimes I feel like it's drawing up or something. I know it sounds weird and that's what worries me.

    Anyone with this kind of pain? Did you find out what it was and what do you take for it? I have been taking Lortab which gives temporary relieve but doesn't help completely.
    I just got done taking a medrol pack (I think that's what its called). It's a steroid pack. Dr gave it to me for inflammation in my chest and shoulder. Didn't seem to do much. He did say I have Costochondritis in my chest and around breast area but I wasn't having this pain I'm having now when I went to him.

    He also gave me some pain patches which I think I'll try today. I don't like to use them because Dr told me that I couldn't take anything else for pain for 12 hours after using one of them. I'm afraid they won't help and I won't be able to take anything else.

    Sorry this is so long. I've been bottling up my pain and don't have anyone else to talk to except my Dr. and I actually think he thinks most of my pain is in my head because he keeps telling me I need to take something for anxiety. I told him to prescribe me something but he wants me to go back to my GP for that because he says I need to be monitored on anxiety medicine and the RH is about 2 hrs away. I'm sure I need somethin for stress. Lord knows I'm under enough of it.

    Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated. Yes, if it doesn't go away soon I will go to the DR. Just wanted to know if anyone else feels this kind of pain and what you do about it.

    Thanks, Mommyinpain (MIP)
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    But you already mentioned it. It can spread. I know I had it bad when I first got seriously ill, but I didn't know that there was a name for it.

    Hayleycole has much info on this. I put her name here cause she'll do her name search and get back to you. If you can't wait you can search it yourself.
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    if it feels like something is pulling i get this what i do is put 4 fingers together place them under my rib area and use my other hand to support it to rub back and forth torelease the muscle there i go around my whole rib area. good luck charlene
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    if its been less then a year ? It could be adhestions this is scar tissue that grows back and can get bad enought to need removeing.

    if its been years it could be acid reflux I have this and that area stays very sore. You should talk to your doctor because if you have Gurd it needs to be gotton under control .I have this and it goes into my chest and shoulder very painful.
    I hope this helps.
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    Nexium got rid of most of my trouble w/ this.
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    I had my gallbladder removed in 2002 and I was actually wondering if it was possible for it to be scar tissue but I'm not sure how that would feel or what to do about it. It seems like I read one time that you were supposed to massage and apply heat to scar tissue but like I said, I'm not sure.

    As to the acid reflux. Yes, I have that and have been taking Nexium since 2002. Also, had an upper GI and a colonoscopy in May for stomach pain. Showed I had a little inflammation in my stomach but nothing else. Told me to change my diet and to stay on the Nexium, which I did both. Now, I eat yogurt everyday which does help my stomach but this is a different kind of pain.

    This pain is lower, like right at the bottom of my ribs on the right side and over about an inch or two. The pain radiates over my ribs and into my back and sometimes it feel like it drawing. The pain is a burning, achy kind of pain. I looked at exactly where the worst pain is and there is a small scar there from my gallbladder surgery. Could it actually be scar tissue and hurt this bad and even hurt into my back?

    Sorry to go on and on. I just don't understand why I have these weird kind of pains and it's hard to tell someone in your family that you hurt in a certain place so bad that you really fear something horrible is going on and then maybe a day later you hurt in a totally different place although this pain seems to be constant, at leat for the last few days.

    Thanks for listening and thanks for all the replies. I appreciate it. Hope more people reply. I love reading that people actually understand my pain and don't just think I'm stressed out or anxious, which I'm am to both but who wouldn't be.

    I gotta go to work now but I'll check back later. Thanks again. MIP
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    Someone said it's like chasing a ghost!
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    Bump! Please give any insight you have. Need all the help I can get.
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    You may want to consider going back to the doc who did your gallbladder surgery and have him check you out. It could be pain from your liver (which is a very LARGE organ).

    I was only thinking of this because I have been recently diagnosed with an autoimmune liver disorder. I don't have any liver pain, but I've read that a lot of people do, especially in the areas you're referring to.

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    It could also be IBS. I had my gallbladder removed 40 yrs ago and have had no problem with it, but did develope IBS after having it removed. I had a go round with IBS in the lower quadrant of the abdomin a few years ago. Now that WAS painful. Couldn't even stand up straight as it progressed. Dr. prescribed anti-spasmotic meds and that took care of it.

    Costochondritis could cause this as well. I have had that a couple of times, and it is downright painful. Bought every kind of stomach aid there was, only to find it was NOT indigestion.

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    Thanks for all the replies. I am going to go to the Dr for this but I just wanted to talk to someone about this pain.

    I am worried about it being my liver because it is in that area and I get scared worrying about what it could be but it just started hurting all of a sudden Friday and has come and gone since then but has been constant today.

    Right now it feels like a drawing or spasm of some kind with an achy kind of pain. When I push on that area on my upper stomach it hurts.

    It almost feels like muscle pain but I'm not sure because it does hurt through to my back and my ribs. I just hate going back to the DR because I know it means having more tests done and I'm always scared when I'm waiting for test results.

    Anyway, thanks for the replies and if anyone has had scar tissue in this area and could tell me what it feels like I would appreciate it.

    As for IBS, do you have to have problems with your bowels to have IBS and wouldn't the colonoscopy have seen that if I had it?

    Another thing I was wondering. If you do have problems with you liver will your blood test for you liver be elevated or decreased?[This Message was Edited on 10/16/2006]
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    I haven't seen it mentioned in the other posts, have you been checked out by your rheumy for Myofascical pain. If you have trigger points, you can have referred pian into that area of the rib cage. I have an are on my lower shoulder and one oon my hip and often it creates a sudden pain under the posterior side of my left rib cage.

    Just a thought. Sounds like you need to check in with the GP even though the Rheumy stated it was Costochondritisa as more than one thing could be occurring. I have both FMS and Chronic Myofascial Pain. Do you have pain anywhere else or trigger points which are not tender points.

    Let us know how you make out

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    Thanks for the reply and yes, I have lots of pain in numerous areas.

    I have shoulder, chest (Costochondritis), rib, hip (sciatica), back,legs, breast, and female related pain plus I have really bad headaches and ringing in my ears.

    So, on top of all that I now have this right side pain so I am essentially falling apart.

    This pain is just really hanging in there. It's not getting worse but it's not easing up either.

    I'm going to call the Dr tomorrow. Thanks for the concern. It is appreciated.

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    I have IBS something awful, but my colonoscopy was completely normal.

    As far as your liver enzymes, they are normally ELEVATED if you have a liver issue going on; however, mine are normal. But I have specific liver antibodies. Even so, apparently my liver is in very good shape right now or else my enzymes would be elevated.

    Hope this helps! Hopefully it is nothing and your pain will go away soon.

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    Thank you Terrys. I hope it goes away soon, too. I'm going to get my liver enzymes checked this week if possible. I need to know. I can't stand the worrying.

    With you IBS, does it hurt low in you abdomen or really high up because my pain is right beside my ribs and into my ribs and straight through to my back on the right side.

    Thanks, MIP
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    I have that pain too. Mine hurts to touch and it's also hard to describe, it moves around. I have alot of pain in ribs and stomach too and it's so frustrating, I use a hot water bottle to help, it's more comforting and just relaxes the muscles a bit. But I put my hand within my rib cage it really hurts. I would say it's a combination of costochondritis and myofascial pain from trigger points. My massage therapist says she can feel tight rubber bands. Massaging also helps. This illness has so many complicated issues. I don't remember what it's like to be pain free!!!!!
    Warm hugs to you Mom3
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    Thank you all for listening to me. I appreciate it.