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    I have asked others about hearing ringing in the ears. Not only do I hear ringing in my ears, I hear what might be considered more like tunes, and the sounds echo as well. It is driving me UP the wall. I met one woman with FM who hears music, and she has given names to the songs. Anyone else know what I'm talking about?
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    Hi, I have had fibromyalgia for years but the ringing in the ears has been about 3 months. Once in a while I get an ear ache. I am 71 and was tld I am losing my hearing. I think it is my age. Every now and then I hear a weird sound like tick tick tick. Good luck.
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    Yes I have ringing in my ears constantly. And Yes it does sound like music sometimes. Other times it is a ringing,cracking, buzzing, and just about any kind of sounds. I have a severe hearing loss and when I remove the hearing aids --it gets worse.
    Hugs Shirley
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    Hi Fairydust! Thanks for you reply. My son does't understand exactly what is going on. He tells me that ringing in the ears is normal, but it isn't just the ringing. It also echoes and the sounds are sometimes in different octives, and it goes in rounds. Today it has been so bad that I keep thinking I'm going into orbit any minute now. It's almost worse than the pain. I hope someone knows how to eliminate the problem. It is difficult to stay forcused on anything, so I don't make much progress. It does help to know that I am not the only one in this situation.
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    I have had the ringing and noise in my ears for years. I think Leaky Gut causes some of it because if I take a Diflucan,(Can't be taken all the time because of the damage to the liver) all stops for a while. Diflucan is for Leaky Gut and Candida,they usually go together! I also have FM. I have had a hearing impairment for 30 years and it's getting worse. I can't hear in church or crowds where there is a lot of background noise. My Hubby and I have had a Hearing Center for years and a lot of our patients have Tinnitus and it is NOT normal. Some have hearing impairment for years and don't have Tinnitus but others like myself have it bad. I have heard many of them say that they had all sorts of sounds music,ringing,low and high tones. It is caused by damage to the inter ear or nerve center!But I still believe Leaky Gut and Food Allergies have a big effect on Tinnitus.Do you have bloating and gas after you eat? If you do, you can be sure that Leaky Gut is involved!!
    Hugs Shirley
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    I get it bad with aspirin, wellbutrin and maybe Xanax. I switched to Klonopin becuz the board moderator mentioned taking it for tinnitis--but it is doing NOTHING to stop the ringing; I weaned myself off of several drugs to try and eliminate the problem by process of elimination but to no avail. The Klonopin may be causing it. It is driving me crazy! Over 6 months nonstop! I remember something here about copper: does that help it or CAUSE it? Anybody know? Also, I am in menopause, could it be one of the many, MANY reported symptoms of menopause?
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    Yes ,any kinds of pain drugs can make it worse, That's how they stop pain by effecting the nervous system (the inter ear). I take Excedrin PM and Klonopin to help me sleep .The Excedrin PM makes mine worse,just as aspirin and Vioxx does. I'm not sure if the Klonopin makes it worse or not??? I think Leaky Gut and Allergies difinitely makes it worse. If I eat any of the foods I have a sensitivity to I get much worse. Mine are Soy,yeast,eggs,Tomatoes, and Dairy products. Even sugar makes mine worse.
    Hugs Shirley
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    I appreciate the input from everyone. It's nice to know I'm not alone. It is difficult to explain to anyone who doesn't experience it. I will definity try the earphones, and try to find if medication is part of the cause.
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    Meniers (spelling???) disease will cause it.

    The other big culprit is anything with asprin in it. When you get too much salicylate (spelling again???), your ears will ring.

    A third culprit is Tempro Mandibular Joint Syndrome. My entire head rang with it until I got an orthotic splint. It wasn't just my ears with the TMJ, my entire head buzzed or tingled. It was terrible.
  10. fairydust39

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    Hi All,
    The Walkman or ear buds wouldn't work for me ,as I am total deaf without the aids. I wouldn't even know that the earbuds were there. I use high power aids and still can't hear right. But my Tinitus is sooo much worse when I remove my aids!! Some times the roaring is so loud that I wonder if I will be able to stand it. Please prayer for me and I will pray for all of you.My son is an Audiologist and he says there is absoluteley nothing to be done for Tinitus. My Hubby and I have been in the Hearing Aid Business for 40 years and I have found nothing to help!!
    Hugs Shirley
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    I will definitely pray for you, and everyone else who suffers from this confusing condition. Doesn't sound like there is much we can do about it.
  12. mamacilla

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    i also have ringing in the ears and have said it sounds
    like music.......although to be more accurate, it is more like the bass beat of music.

    my mom suddenly developed a roaring in her ears. her
    ENT doc put her on a diuretic for several months, thinking it might be fluid. after a few months, she is better but it is not gone.

    i grew up on air force bases and think my hearing was affected by the jets we heard almost 24/7. i have no idea if this is true, but it seems like a baby's developing ears/hearing would be injured.
  13. beatles66

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    rivotril don t be cause tinnitus. on the contrary its use tinnitus treatment
    beside ı didn t hear copper useful for tinnitus
    tinnitus treatment consist of ginkgo biloba,betaserc, vasodilator, xanax, rivotril, tegretol,iv lidokain(to become intensified), tocainid hcl(anti aritmic), na flourid(tinnitus dependent on otosclerose) DMSA,zinc, lechitin,magnesium
    in addition systemic factors cause the tinnitus should eliminate. those that is hipertension,,anemia, polisitemia,analgesic antienflamatuar drugs,aminoglicoside group antibiotic therapy,sudden high sound,atherosclerosis
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    I am hard of hearing dealt with ringing in the ear for several months, increased with vertigo...I turned on music to drown out the ringing. I met someone that has tinnitus as well but she wears a tinnitus masker. What is that? She also has different sounds that she turns on when she sleeps to help.

    Any suggestions?

  15. chngthnmtoME

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    I also have CFIDS and FM and Tinnitus. For me, the Tinnitus started when I had Mono 20 years ago, which was the onset of CFIDS for me. I get ringing, high pitched tones, hear tunes or what sounds like my dogs are barking from very far off, and sometimes, with a fan on, it almost sounds like someone is whispering. My brain is obviously trying to make "patterns" of the noise I hear.

    I also have an unusual hearing pattern in my ears, which was confirmed by hearing test many years ago, and which started when I had Mono. My right ear gets the Tinnitus more, and I hear high pitched tones better in that ear, but low pitched tones almost don't register in that ear. My left ear is just the opposite- I hear mostly deep tones in that ear, but high pitched noises don't register. I have significant enough hearing loss in both ears (or at least it's imbalanced) that I lip read, and have for many years. Oftentimes, I can't hear what is said in movies or on TV. Somehow, the imbalance has made me able to hear high pitched stuff more, so when my dogs hear a siren in the distance, often, I hear it at the same time they do, while other people don't hear it.

    I sleep with earplugs in and a fan on because this hearing imbalance, while technically a "hearing loss," makes me hear background noise better than that in the foreground. It is distracting when I try to sleep. I also tend to "overhear" stuff around me in a way that obviously, other people do not. In other words, in a restaurant, I can often hear conversations at other tables but have to lip read the person sitting across from me. It's very distracting. It's almost like my ears are on backwards now!