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    Really! I never had ringworm in my life. I noticed I had small rash and it was shape as circle. It wasn't really bad but then it start to get little bigger and obviously you can tell it was shape as ring and... now it has been really itchy like crazy. I kept the anti-fungi creams on my arm (two times a day). It has been almost a week and now they become more itchy than they used to, and it seems to be somewhat bigger. Do you ever have ring worm?? Not just when you are child but as adult like me? I am 23... It just creep but I have no cats, just couple dogs but no one in my family has one. I have daughter but she has no ring worm. SO how do I get them? Anyone knows? I have dr appt with family to see if my antibotic kills all of my infections (UTI) on Tuesday so I thought maybe I need to mention it to her if it doesn't get any better.
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    I had ringworm when I was your age. The stupid dr. at my college health ctr diagnosed it as scabies so the circles kept growing and spreading. They got really bad. When they finally correctly diagnosed me they gave me a pill and it quickly healed up. you definitely need to see your dr. because it will not go away w/o the proper meds.

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    Not sure where you got it. Cats are the first causes we think of. Horses carry the fungus naturely, any contact with horses? when my daughter had ringworm several years ago her doc gave her Diflucan. This is used for yeast infections in women. It worked for her ringworm.

    Good luck!
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    I took in a stray kitten that had ringworm - cats again! You should get it attended asap as it does spread and to other people too. Mention it to your doctor as you're going there anyway.

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    Thanks everyone who response this, I def will mention my ring worm to dr and... I prop got it from soil cuz I was only person and i was on the ground...
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    I had ringworm once when I was 18, but never again.

    I treated mine with OTC cream, because I was a very poor college student. Worked fine for me, but ask your doc just to be sure.

    Never knew how or why I got mine.

    Good luck!
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    by putting raw garlic on it.. I saw her cut the garlic, cover the entire area and put like a piece of napkin over it.. and taped it to her. The next day it was like half the size.. and in a few days it was completely gone.

    She had said the creams the doc rx'd her did nothing. If I didn't see it with my own eyes... I wouldn't have believed it.