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    for energy. But what I know about Ritlan is that it is given to adhd children. How will this help me with engery if it is suppose to calm down hyper children? HAS ANYONE HERE EVER TAKEN IT AND WHAT HAS IT DONE FOR YOU.

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    My doctor recommended that I take it (but I didn't)

    Says it works in reverse on CFS/FM patients

    DLBRPAC New Member

    Ritalin is a form of amphetamine. It is used in ADD to "wake up" parts of the brain that are not functioning at a high enough level. So, especially in adults, it can give bursts of energy. Sometimes this works. Sometimes the person just gets jittery. Sometimes, they "crash" and feel worse afterwards. My one caution owuld be to start very, very low. I use one quarter of a 5 mg tab,the lowest does there is! I only use it when really needed. Hope this helps.
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    I have been taking Ritalin for the past year and had great results with it. If you like to know more about this treatment, you probably like to go on Dr. Jay Goldstein's webpage who has done a lot of research on the 'sick brain' in CFS patients which will explain why some things do work (still trial and error) to help with CFS/FMS.
    Sincerely, Lucky
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    Are not our friends. There is a discussion going on and an excellent article in the thread.

    Children with ADHD have a paradoxical response to Ritalin which calms them. I suspect I had ADHD as a chile and had a paradoxical reaction to Provigil stimulant.

    Go to our library and read Dr. Paul Cheney's article on Klonopin and then the one on SSRI's and stimulants. They will help explain why SSRI's and stimulants are dangerous for us.

    Love, Mikie
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    Some even says it helps there pain. Gary now takes Provigal(sp). It is safer but, I only take 5mgs at a time up to 4pd. I get palipations sometimes (before use) so I bite a bit off to give 1 or 2 Mgs at a time every hour or so. Good luck and don't gorget that many meds are used for other things then the FDA approves. Very normal.

    Goosd luck, Kim