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  1. kay563

    kay563 New Member

    hi im looking 4 ppl that have FM,i was just told i have it,but took like 3 yrs,to find out why i felt this BAD
    im 45 and looking 4 frinds to chat with
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  2. daylight

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    I live close to Riverside in Hesperia CA.
    I was dx . with FM in 2005 then RA,sjorgen's syndrome just last March . Although they say I've probably had the RA most of my life judging the severity of it. I also have few other things going on but it's all in my profile. I'm 43,married with grown daughters.
    I'd be happy to talk with you. I don't normally post on this site but it's unusual to see a post about Riverside.You can ask me anything I know a lot about FM.

    Take care.
  3. kay563

    kay563 New Member

    im still going thur alot of testing my self, i have DJD,its Arthrist n the joints,and i have aneima,but it lookis like they have that n control,but its the Pain n my muscles,and joints,and forgetting things ALL the time
    my hubby wants me to file for disabily but doctor wont let me just yet so im n a Waiting game 4 now
  4. daylight

    daylight New Member

    Your doctor is right about the SSDI. Soc. Security likes to see things show up on blood test/xrays /mri's ect... Unfortunately with FM it's dx. most the time with only clinical observation. With myself once the doctor gave me the dx of FM they stopped testing for everything else it could have been . It toke years to convince the doctors that I don't met the criteria of FM and to please test . Next they tested for MS (no MS) but they didn't run all the blood panels for the autoimmune disease until this year. I tested positive for moderate to severe RA,and my neck and spine are really messed up. I have worked with doctor before and was told that FM is an easy diagnoses to give women. And once your dx. the most other doctors don't question or change an FM dx's. It took around 13 doctors before they found out the truth. But even with the positive testing/xrays and MRI proving what I was complaining about for the start ......My regular doctor still blames everything on FM.
    It can be a long battle for the SSDI . I still haven't applied yet.I'm going to start take the DMARDS for my RA in about a month . I can't get into see my Rhuemy any sooner than November. The joys of an HMO.LOL
    Make sure you have a strong case before applying for SSDI.
    Keep all your paperwork .Your Rhuemy will probably be the most helpful to you.Get a lawyer to help you file .
    What bloodwork and test have they run on you? You were saying that you have joint pain . Are you joints swelling?
    If they haven't yet run an ESR (sed rate ) to check for inflammation ask to have one done and also a CBC.

    You are very blessed to have a supportive husband . Hang in there. FM is a ugly beast but it is treatable. Make sure that they check for other possibilities too.
    take care.

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