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  1. Misfit101

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    Ive seen others mention it so maybe somebody knows something. My DH jerks his feet at nite. Sometimes his legs and even sometimes his whole body. It makes me nuts and i seriously think its grounds for divorce. Hes never mentioned his legs feeling like somethings crawling on them. Its only when he sleeps. Is this RLS and if so what do you do about it? Ive actually slept on the couch cos it gets so bad sometimes.
  2. gapsych

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    If he is not getting sensations in his legs, it could be PLMD, periodic limb movement disorder, however this needs to be diagnosed by a neurologist and usually a sleep study if I remember correctly.

    You might want to google this. There is also a website called talkaboutsleep.com.

    He could be just a restless sleeper. Usually a spouse/partner will notice things like RLS, PLMD. OSA and a few other sleep disorders before the person as it disrupts the sleep of the other.

    Is he tired during the day? I am sure you are!!

    Hope you both get some sleep. You know how important sleep is to our DD.

    Take care.

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    does it wake him up? i have rls & i can not sleep for it. they move by themselves but sometimes i also have to move them to try to make the feeling go away!!
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    Aussie i thought youd just tell me to duct tape his feet to the bed. It doesnt wake him up. He doesnt even kno hes doing it and he is tired during the day but he absolutely doesnt get enough sleep for the hours he works. Hes up early...and hes NOT a morning person so if hes tired thats one very good reason why. He has 165 hours of sick time...2 wks of vacation still...and ALL his personal days left. This isnt a man im going to get to a dr. Especially a neuro or anyone who might do a sleep study. Could supps help? I thought i read that lack of calcium could cause this. Or maybe a lack of something else. My memory isnt good.
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    RLS happens during the day, most noticable whenever you're still or sitting for a while, as well as at night (when it's usually worse).

    PLMD happens only at night.

    One full dose of magnesium before bed can really really help.

    Low calcium is also an idea, but not as likely as magnesium, because your body puts more importance on calcium (so it's rare for it to be low). Either way you can get a supplement that either has just magnesium, OR if you're concerned about calcium too then a supplement with magnesium AND calcium, in a ratio of 1:1 (i.e., not more % of one than the other).

    You can google PLMD (periodic limb movement disorder) if the magnesium doesn't work, there are lots of other things you can try before medications. My bet is still on the magnesium, though.
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  7. gapsych

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    I did not know that. I also get the symptoms during the day. Sometimes in my lower arms as well.

    I can not tolerate magnesium.

    Mine is pretty well controlled with the klonopin, however I might need to take mirapix 1-2 times a month.

    Something else to check. When you get a complete blood panel also get a ferritin level. Mine was low and it made the RLS worse. My red blood count was normal. Low iron does not cause RLS as it is neurological. Right now I am having some difficulty with the iron. I get the blood test next week to see if it is back up to normal.

    Sometimes Epsom salts will help but only for about an hour. My case is pretty severe if untreated but did not need medication until about ten years ago.

    Thanks for the distinction. Guess I have been focusing on the RLS part. The RLS always wakes me up and seems more prevalent or that I notice it more during light sleep.

    Do you have RLS?


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