RNA and chlorella: for energy, immune system (& younger skin!)

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    RNA and chlorella: for energy, immune system (& younger skin!)

    Hi everyone. This will be sort of long, but I’ll try to make it as succinct as possible. Last November I told my doctor I was taking calcium pyruvate for energy. He said fine, but that a better thing to take is RNA. (I didn’t know you could take RNA) He said calcium pyruvate is part of the Krebs energy cycle, but that RNA would cover all the bases of the Krebs cycle. In the past I’ve also taken NADH and malic acid, also part of the Krebs cycle, with temporary energy boosts.

    He told me that in the 1970's a doctor named Benjamin Frank did a lot of work with RNA and that Dr. Frank actually cured several people who had congestive heart failure, using RNA. My doctor recommended I do my own research on it, which I did. He also told me that when taking RNA, your urine should not be above a certain Ph (I forget what it was, but can find out) because byproducts from the RNA may increase the risk of kidney stones. But he said if my urine Ph was too high, I could take an amino acid (again I forget which) to lower it. Urine Ph is different than saliva Ph.

    In my Internet research on Dr. Frank and RNA, I discovered that in addition to boosting energy and just overall being so good for you, the RNA is also supposed to make your skin look younger – hard to believe, but there it is. It’s supposed to help rejuvenate the skin. Dr. Frank wrote a book called Dr. Frank’s No-Aging Diet, which I’ve ordered from Amazon.

    Re the Ph: I talked to a very knowledgeable health food store person who told me that that had only been an issue when the RNA was derived from animal sources. However, plant-based RNA posed no risk of kidney stones. This is one of the reasons I haven’t looked too hard into adjusting my urine Ph. There’s a company called Vitamin Research Products that sells RNA which comes from yeast (yes, probably not a good idea for many of us)

    Food sources of RNA: Sardines were thought by Dr. Frank to be one of the best sources of RNA and my doctor told me (somewhat jokingly) that if I could eat 2 cans a day, that would be pretty good. Well, I don’t think I can do that. However, since Dr. Frank’s time it’s been discovered that chlorella is a much better source of RNA than sardines. And with chlorella I don’t think I’d have to worry at all about my urine Ph or kidney stones.

    Chlorella is supposed very very very good for you. I won’t try to summarize it here. Go to Dr. Mercola’s website, he has a very good article on it, or just google it. The problem with chlorella is that it is very detoxing. The recommended daily dose is 3 grams, although you can take more. I ordered some, and started out taking three 200 mg. tablets a day (1/5 the recommended daily dose). Well, by the 2nd day I was totally wiped out and had to cut back to one a day (1/15 the recommended dose). The detoxing or herxing was just too rough. This has happened to me with other products such as Cellfood.

    This was very discouraging. At one tablet a day it would take forever to get up to the recommended dose (of 15) and the thought of a prolonged detox was overwhelming, so I stopped the chlorella.

    And then, fortuitously, I saw a post on molybdenum and how it helped with candida die-off symptoms, actually converting the die-off into energy. I had herxed from candida once and it was very rough.

    So I bought some molybdenum on the theory that it just might help with the chlorella detoxing or herxing or whatever it is. I started out taking 450 mcg. a day (150 mcg. more than recommended, but muscle testing indicated I needed it) And, voila! I’m handling the chlorella just fine now – I re-started taking it, quickly went up to 3 a day, no problem, I’m now taking 5 a day, still no problem. So I’m really hopeful I’ll be able to get up to 3 grams a day in the near future.

    Dr. Mercola said something very interesting on his website about chlorella de-toxing and food types. He said that protein metabolic types (which I am) will have a much harder time detoxing with the chlorella than other types. He didn’t explain why, but it was certainly true for me. Perhaps eating very little grains leads to a deficiency in molybdenum or other necessary detoxing elements – I don’t know.

    It’s too soon to tell if the chlorella is helping me or not. I’m just getting over a 5-week stint with the flu, and the dose I’m taking is still rather low. But I’m hopeful! Hope springs eternal. . . ..

    I’m getting the chlorella from Swanson Vitamins, called Kyoto chlorella. Swanson’s also sells a product called Kyoto Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), which is a concentrated chlorella supplement with 4 times the RNA of regular chlorella. Swanson’s recommends you take both. If I was just going to take one, I think it would be the plain chlorella, but I ordered both and just today took one of the CGF tablets along with the other.

    Also, it’s important to buy chlorella which has broken cell walls - it helps with absorption.

    I wanted to attach an article on RNA and a separate one on chlorella, but it would be too long. So do a google search for RNA and Benjamin Frank, and also chlorella. It’s very interesting.

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    I take Chlorella!!! Side effects for me are major fatigue. I guess it's killing off the crap. I take three times day with food. I feell it's doing some good. Let me know how you do.
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    I will let you know how I do. You might try taking molybdenum, if you're not already, as it might help with the side effects. Without it, the chlorella made we way too tired.


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