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    Something that has kept me going through all this FM/CFS crap is my good sense of humor. I am a glass is half full kinda girl, it helps keep my sanity.

    Earlier this week I posted a message about tattoos. I got my first and only one last Monday. Two days after I got it my right shoulder and the muscles along my breast hurt so dreadfully bad. I noticed when I bent over it was even worse! I still had good range of motion so I did not suspect it was a muscle. My first thought was I must have just slept weird and it will go away. By the second day my thought was the tattoo aggravated my already aggravated FM.

    I woke up on the third day about 2 am in so much pain I could not breath, which led to crying which led to more not breathing. So my partner too me to the hospital. After hours of waiting the doctors diagnosed me with Pleurisy (OUCH!). They gave me some meds and sent me on my way.

    With four busy teenagers my partner had to pick up the preverbal 'ball' and run with it ALL weekend. At the last stop on Saturday night I decided to ride along to pick up the girls.

    I tell you all this, to tell you this. The second to the oldest got in the truck and of course said "How are you feeling mom?” To which I promptly replied. "Honestly, I feel like a ground hog that just got hit by a car, and is lying in the ditch doing this (As I made several twitching movements). The whole truck exploded in laughter.

    I love my family; they really pulled together this week to make things happen. Laughter can be the best medicine so even through all the dark or sleepy moments in our days try to remember to laugh at least once.

    Gentle hugs,
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    Through all of your unforunately pain and diagosis of pleurisy (sp?), you managed to find some humor - and also send a great message to all of us - just how important that is!
    I've always loved my own sense of humor. It's definitely on the dry side.. I love to laugh. There is lots of laughter in our home - lots of eye rolling from my boys who think their parents are just well..not too cool (although we SO are!!) I always make the days at the office light as well by injecting humor whenever I can. What a difference it makes! I am drawn to those kinds of people as well.

    How great that your family rallied around you this week. What a testament to the wonderful family you have! You should be proud.
    Hope you're feeling better!!!
  3. shell

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