Road Trip 3: Cruiseship theme "Saturday Night Fever"

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by desertlass, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. desertlass

    desertlass New Member

    All right, people.

    I don't know where all the Road Trippers went, including myself, there for a while.

    But the houseboat we were on ran into a Cruise Ship, just in time to save us from drifting out to sea, permanently.

    It is a whoppin' bigm all you can eat deal, and because this is a virtual cruise, we CAN EAT ALL WE WANT AND WHAT WE WANT and not have to pay for it the next day. And it's all just for us, no one else, except our own special invites, of course.

    Another thing we can do is Dance the Night Away to the BeeGees in person, playing just for us.

    Okay, even if you're not a disco fan, you have to admit that having John Travolta flown in by helicopter just for us would be a pretty fun spectacle.

    I bet you're wondering who came up with this theme idea-- why our own Fast-eLAINE, of course!


    And we can wear the sparkliest outfits, the biggest afros and the highest heels we like and not suffer a mite for it! And we all look really hot, like an inferno! :) (Okay, maybe we do look a little silly, but so what!)

    And if you think that this might be too much fun for you because you are ill or feeling depressed, like me, then just remember the immortal words of the Brothers Gibb:

    "You Should be Dancin'! Yeah!
    Dancin'! yeah!
    You Should Be Dancin'! Yeah!"

    They might not have been poets, but they were fun!

  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    A cruise sounds cool to me. Never been on one, altho I did take a boat trip about 40 years ago.

    Went from Santa Barbara, CA to the Channel Islands. It was an all-day trip, and I was sea sick before we got out of the harbor. As Jack Benny used to say, "Yikes!"

    The ship was a modern clipper ship that had formerly belonged to James Cagney. Well, one likes to be sea sick on the best sort of vessel.

    One of the nice things about a virtual trip is that we can have a theme cruise. And we can all have our separate theme if we like.

    I'd like to go on a bridge cruise or an opera cruise.

    I know a fellow who sings on a cruise line. He'd been doing it for several years last I heard. I went to hear him at the Santa Barbara Music Academy in La Traviata before he put on his water wings.

    I'll bring along a CD I have of Tony, and you can give a listen. My former secretary is playing the keyboard for him.

    If we take a Channel Islands cruise, we can stop at the most famous of the islands. Santa Catalina, home of the famous Avalon Ballroom.

    Guess I'd better go and pack. Now where did I put my yachting cap?


  3. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    Can we have a studio 54 lounge?

    Bring on the real John Travolta. Though I can't be on stage with him at same time.

    He made me promise to never upstage him after I taught him the strut. I care about my students, so I wouldn't wear one of his white jacket outfits. My outfits are better anyway.

    Hmmm, dressed up? Been a awhile. Guess I can get out of my bathing suit.

    Maybe we can have a BB King blues night. I hear he is on tour again. Maybe bring in some Las Vegas Shows and Broadway musicals.

    Whoops, must of the sea slugs is getting away from sight and I've got to chase it down. Cheers, yawn.....such a pleasant sort of ennui on the boat.....mmmmm , sigh, losing threads, etc. Your Mr Bill

    Major lethargy (fortunately not Encephalitis Lethargica) feeling, want to go home and get between electric blankets, which I can do in two hours because off work for three days. Yeahh. Finished moving to a house with a real, sunny, yard today.[This Message was Edited on 04/24/2008]
  4. desertlass

    desertlass New Member

    Rock, We can have any theme you wish.

    Mr. Bill completely captivated us all on disco night, so now, Elaine, our own resident Julie, can take it from here.

    So do you get to have a special game of Bridge on the er... bridge?

    I wish I knew how to play that game-- or maybe I don't. Euchre was all I could handle learning, as a kid. I don't seem to learn games quickly any more...

    And Opera Night-- can you imagine how fun and wonderful it would be if some humpback whales heard all the singing and came to see us and joined in? Magical night of music on the sea! With a billion stars everywhere... sigh...

    Now, Miss Julie, it is up to you as our cruise director. Or if anyone would like to submit a request, I'm sure she could "make it so".

    Wait. Wrong ship. Oh, well. Engage!


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