Road Trip pt. 2 Describe a place between Rushmore and New York

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  1. desertlass

    desertlass New Member

    Okay, the first leg of our Road Trip was a blast!

    Being a virtual trip, with no limitations of time or space we can accomodate anyone! Regardless of where a person lives, as soon as they sign onto the thread, they are transported to whereever we are currently at!

    For instance, Bevy's post about San Antonio will be exactly what happened there when we reach that part of the country. Strange time travel tenses, I know. When we get to Texas, we can refer back to that description. Cool, huh?

    We started off in Tucson and made it up through Arizona, by way of Sedona, partied at the Grand Canyon hotel with celebrities for Christina's birthday.

    We were shown many cool things by the Real Mad Scientist through Nevada, which was WAY more fun than Vegas.

    Then we headed over to L.A., where you can read what happend to Elaine in her bikini, then up the California coastline on the 101.

    We hummed through Oregon, Seattle, the Rainforest in the Olympic Peninsula, and then over to Mt. Rushmore, where the unthinkable happened. (Actually, who DOESN'T think about doing that?)

    You can read all about it on the first Road Trip thread.

    I decided it was time to break up the threads so that it would get easier to find posts on where all we have been. Also, if someone comes in who knows a place out West really well that we flew past, they can add to that thread, and it will be archived for all to enjoy.

    So, anyone who is familiar with anywhere between Mt. Rushmore and New York City, jump in. It doesn't have to be in any particular order. We can always backtrack, and mysteriously, we don't lose any time!

    Okay, to start out this leg of the journey:

    I think we should all see the "Badlands" in the Dakota territory, just to see how bad it really can get. It is just unearthly. The whole area is as flat as pancake with no vegetation anywhere. Just dust, dust, dust.

    The sides of the canyons are smooth and it looks like you could just slide down into them-- like something out of Science Fiction horror novels. Brrrr.

    Are there any happy sites we can visit, like the Little House on the Prarie settlement-- where was that they all lived? I don't know how those people survived those winters!

    There is also the Chief Crazy Horse monument, too, right? I saw that as a little girl, and all they had done was the top of the outstretched arm.

    Also, anyone who can tour guide us through Montana or Wyoming, please join us?

    How about Jackson Hole where all the rich people live?

    I have gossip about Harrison Ford who lived there before he left his wife for Calista Flockhart. My step-mother's brother used to live out there, and owned a landscaping business, and so he worked on their property.

    His girlfriend was the housekeeper. Harrison Ford's wife is Melissa Matheson, who wrote the scripts for E.T. and Indian in the Cupboard. They have like five or six children together.

    According to my sources, Ms. Matheson is much better off without having Mr. Ford in the house anymore. Sad, but true.

    Anyway, he is no longer living in Jackson Hole, so we don't have to worry about him being mad at me-- we can look around to our heart's content. But, I have never been there, so someone else will have to fill in!

    Please join us-- it's a great way to get to know each other and where all we have been, what we love about where we live, etc.

    So, as of now, we are headed east-- down through the Midwest and over toward New York City.

    I'll start a new thread to start with the Big Apple and the rest of New England. I have never even set a toe in New England, so I am really hopeful that the savvy people will join that thread when the time comes.

    For right now we need all of you Midwesterners!!

    I lived in Ohio and Michigan growing up, but I don't want to be the only one blathering on, here.

    I am acutally not on a tour bus, but am in a big red Themla & Louise style convertible with BudMickl driving.

    So, you can join Elaine's bus caravan, but you can also ride in any style you like. Real Mad Scientist is driving his fully loaded truck so he can haul around all of the stuff he likes and picks up along the way.

    If you are more of a motorcycle man or mama, that is perfectly fine, too.

    There are no health, financial, or logistical limitations on this Road Trip.

    We are as free as birds!

    Let's fly out of Rushmore before someone spots us as the Virtual Vandals!

    Elaine is a master of the good time... but she has a wild side! I think we all need to go on a REAL trip with her!

    xxoo to you all,

  2. budmickl

    budmickl New Member

    Omaha has a great zoo, I've been told!

    Minneapolis has Mall of America!

    Chicago! Chicago! Chicago!

    Niagara Falls - There are no words to describe it, in my opinion.

    St Louis - The Arch is breathtaking when viewing from the top.

    Kansas City - Hum... Outstanding art gallery and museum (Nelson Atkins Museum), Kansas Speedway, shopping on the Plaza!

    Cleveland - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! I could spend hours in there!

    That should be a starting list of places to visit!

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  3. budmickl

    budmickl New Member

    I forgot about the summer ritual - first full week of August (I think) in Sturgis which is a stone's throw from Rushmore and Crazy Horse.

    Stugis has a motorcycle rally with any and all types of people and bikes. It does get wild beyond belief, but I think the law has started cracking down on showing taa-taa's and wee-wee's.

  4. Christinawensell

    Christinawensell New Member

    I think you suggested about the Christmas tree first. I just said it was a great idea. I think that drink was great by the way. I am not still feeling great.

    You are so much fun to party with Elaine. I have never had so much fun.

    Ok I am buying supplies for Hawaii. I think that is where you said we were going, but I AM GAME TO GO ANYWHERE.

  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    If we travel east from S. Dakota we can pass through the rolling hills of southern Minnesota and visit the village of Harmony where I grew up.

    I took my son there when he was 12. The high school still had
    the senior pictures of my class on the wall, all 44 of us. My son kept asking, "Is that really you?"

    From Harmony we can go 4 miles south and visit Niagara Cave w/ it's 60 foot waterfall. I used to be a guide there half a century ago.

    At the end of the tour we are 12 stories under Iowa. Some say 13; that's another story.

    Back at the surface we can drive a couple miles into Iowa and visit the Bohemian town of Spillville. There we can see the hand-carved grandfather clocks made during the winters by the Biley brothers back in the 20s.

    They are housed in an old brick building where Antoin Dvorak
    stayed during his visit ca. 1893. He wrote part of the New World Symphony there.

    From there we can visit a new attraction which I have yet to see. In nearby Burr Oak, Iowa, there is a Laura Ingalls Wilder museum.

    Well, the computer is acting crazy; will see if this will post.

  6. Christinawensell

    Christinawensell New Member

    in Minnesota, I need to visit my old High school too in Fergus Falls Minnesota- Home of the Comets- Go Comets. Yeah-

    by the way we need to celebrate again. I found out yesterday that I passed my entrance exam to a medical skills center. I have not been in school for 20 years and I passed without studing (which I would not recommend). I am very proud of myself. I will be attending college starting in middle of January. So I need to have fun on this trip. I have one month and then I am on the books for about 15 months. Then I will have a degree.

    Elaine, I think we need to repaint the tree a different color that pink is floresent pink. I guess I did not know that before we thought of painting it. Maybe we should do a color that will blend into the bus. That way we will be pulled over less.

    OKAY I am buckled up and ready lets go. I need to have adventure, before I have to hit the books.

  7. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    I almost choked when s-elaine suggested that some bus-ers were perhaps suggesting things a bit too outlandish! ("over the top") LOL
    Lordy, such a trip. Climbing the Empire State building almost did me in......I did take the elevator for the trip down. Then I had some of that "special drink" and felt fine.

    Ummm, the Christmas tree, when we are through with it, can we tie it to a chain behind the bus and set fire to it and then throw our drinks at it? I hope we used non-toxic pink paint. Somewhere in America, mr Bill
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  8. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    Oh, I hope we visited the museum/collections in Spring Green, only a short distance from mt Rushmore. I may have mentioned before, but it is the most amazing, jaw dropping place in whole World. We may have to turn bus around!!

    An anonymous Chicago billionaire, who doesn't believe in advertising....just word of mouth.....has his "toy" collection there.
    The musical instrument section has a working steam calliope, and for a quarter a whole mechanical antique orchestra will play. The doll collection must have over a thousand precious dolls.
    An antique gun collection. A circus collection. The carousel collection has a centerpiece working carousel that has three brightly lit tiers (must keep s-elaine off of it, or at least repair any damage). Anyway, just goes on and on. I give it five stars for amazement and better than any amusement park.

    Cheers, mr Bill
  9. Christinawensell

    Christinawensell New Member

    we go see the museum too. I collect dolls and I have money from all the things I was able to return from my gifts.

    I want some dolls to add to my collection.


    Are we there yet????

  10. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    He collects dolls. He doesn't normally give them away. But for you, he said, take as many as you want. Free. I have room in my truck, of course.

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  11. Christinawensell

    Christinawensell New Member

    willing to pay for them, because I have money from all the stuff I took back, but if he is offering to give them to me that is even better.

    You are so swwet to put them in your truck for me.

    I can't wait now to see the beautiful dolls and trains.

  12. desertlass

    desertlass New Member

    But nothing beats pairing it up with a grass skirt.

    I ate until I looked like the roast pig at the Luau. Somebody put an apple in my mouth while I snoozed.

    At just that moment, Keanu Reeves showed up and took one look at me, and just snorted and moved on down the beach.

    Someone called after him and asked him if he wanted a thrice painted over-sized Christmas tree.

    He said, "Radical!" when he saw it-- the florescent pink and black kind of blend in with the new flamingo theme he has going in his new multi-level beach house.

    So, whew- we finally got rid of that thing, but it will be featured in Architectural Digest for posterity.

    I am still amazed by the Museum. That was a GREAT idea, Mad Mr. Bill!

    I have to say, that I think maybe Elaine had done one too many "head-banging" sessions while driving her rowdy bus, if she thinks she saw King Kong in New York.

    I think she is getting a tall dark hairy guy named FRANK mixed up with him, maybe? ;)

    ROCKGOR! is this Harmony the same place in "Home to Harmony?" I loved that book. That would be a great coincidence.

    They have a cute website for that semi-fictional town, with a weather report and the whole bit.

    You are officially hired as our Niagara Cave tour guide. What a unique experience that must have been. I have never been there, nor anywhere near that or Niagara Falls.

    Please tell us what it is like.

    I would also love to see the Laura Ingalls Wilder museum-- my parents-in-law went to one that housed Pa's fiddle. It's so strange when fiction and life merge.

    Those Little House books are true, but also have become such a part of our American mythos. We have all been influenced by the do-it-yourself pioneer ethic whether we know it or not.

    That has to be the only explanation for a place called "Spillville" that makes handmade grandfather clocks in the same part of the country that is home to a gigantic gathering of Hell's Angels bikers being naughty, next to a gigantic toy museum, etc., etc.

    This Road Trip is quite the post-modern American crazy quilt o' fun!

    Well, I would like to re-visit Montecello. I was there on a class trip to D.C in the eighth grade-- oh, so many years ago--

    However, I have never seen Maine, or Boston or Rhode Island nor any of that New England loveliness.

    Someone tell us all about it, because Elaine is getting all antsy and gunning the motor of her bus. Next thing you know she'll be layin' on the horn, waking up all the dear departed of Jefferson's family.

    She's had to break down and listen to Axl's problems just for something to do while she waits. I hear he's getting a little CLINGY! Such problems... :)

    Love you guys.

    Wait a minute, I think Budmickl got arrested up in Sturgis for indecent exposure-- but I know it's just trumped up charges. So, don't go anywhere else until you see the big red Thunderbird convertible come peeling outta there.

    Those Dakota judges don't seem to have a sense of humor! But Budmickl and I certainly still have ours, so we're not about to drive off any cliffs.

    Here we come! Wa-hooooooooooooooooo! What's in that orange drink again?


  13. desertlass

    desertlass New Member

    It is very tall, and is dressed up like a woman from the early part of the century-- like the first woman to go to med school.

    She has her hair piled up in a big do, small little spectacles, a high-necked striped shirtwaist with a gorgeous ruby brooch at the neck.

    There is a long wool skirt that comes just to the tops of her classy black lace-up boots. A few crisp linen petticoats peek out the bottom.

    Over all of this, she is wearing a white coat with a fitted waist and an embroidered seal of the college on the pocket.

    A stethoscope around her neck, and a black medical bag in her lovely hand, make this porcelain doll a treasure to be passed down for generations.


  14. budmickl

    budmickl New Member

    Of course they are trumped up charges! There's nothing about me that's indecent!!

    Actually, I've been laying kind of low for the last few days of the trip. Too much excitement, I don't know where to party next!

  15. Christinawensell

    Christinawensell New Member

    I am just being quiet a little can't sow all the oats in one day.

    I love the doll desertlass. It is beautiful. Hard to image though that I am going back to school.

    I also would love to go see the Ingall's Wilder meuseum. I don't think I ever missed a eposide and I read all the books. I actually still have all of them. I love history like this. Some history I can do without, but I actually felt like I lived in this one.

    We gave away our tree??? I was actually falling in love with the pink/black color. I was thinking of putting it in my front yard after we were fininshed. I mean scarecrows scare off birds maybe the tree would scare off solicitors???? or bill collectors???? Just kidding. It was just a thought.

    Hawaii was nice. I think though the grass skirts were a little itchy for my taste. Though they did tell Elaine that we could not do any nude bathing out there. Sorry about spilling the beans about that Elaine. Hey I thought it was a good idea. I did think though that if my picture got in the newspaper for that one I would have some explaining to do , something like Lucy on I Love Lucy, "Lucy, you have some explaining to do", sorry I had to add that. Lucy was one of my favorite shows as a kid too. Maybe someone knows were we could find a museaum of her?????

    Anyways I am on the bus and rareing to go. I am brushing up on some of my studying skills though so I do really well in college. Got to have the "A".

  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    The "toy collection" is called the House on the Rock. I went there decades ago. It was originally just a house overlooking a valley and the Mississippi River. The house looked like Frank Loyd Wright might have designed it.

    Inside it had lots of stone and wood, tiffany-style lamps, etc. The collection of all kinds of stuff in adjacent buildings keeps growing and by now must be more than most people could see in a day. You can find it on the net.

    There is also a website for Niagara Cave. The place has hundreds of steps. I made 3-5 tours a day when I was a teen. Don't think I could do it once now.

    Got paid minimum wage which was about 75 cents an hour. Even after deductions one was left w/ enough to see a movie and buy snacks.

    Re: Home to Harmony, I have read all of Philip Gulley's books. I wrote to him on the net, but got no reply; well, didn't really expect one. I was told there are about 16 Harmonys in the USA.

    His books are the kind generally described as heart-warming.

    The Harmony I grew up in was in SE Minnesota and had a pop. of 1000. Main street was 2 blocks long. We lacked a lot of things big cities had like crime, traffic lights, parking meters, grafitti, rush hour, a hospital, a swimming pool, and police. We didn't miss a mall. There were none then.

    Maybe we should take a trip to the past sometime.

  17. desertlass

    desertlass New Member

    Our Road Trip has not completely taken advantage of its virtual "flux capacitor" capabilities!! (from Back to the Future for all the non-nerds).

    We can ALSO travel through time, not just to get here and there quickly, but also to ANY time in history that we please.

    Why didn't I think of that before (smacking head like Chris Farley-- "stupid, stupid".)

    Regarding BudMickl, it turns out that she was FALSELY accuesed by a very jealous biker woman, who was feeling insecure. Her "old man" kept looking at BudMickl, who was calmly minding her own business. I guess he was just amazed to see someone who actually could draw attention without removing their skivvies.
    So, all of that turned out just fine.

    Sorry about the loss of the pink and black Christmas tree, but it was an offer we couldn't refuse. How could I say "no" to Keanu with those brown eyes and furrowed brow? (Actually I was afraid he might give us all some sort of Matrix-style windmill kick if we turned him down).

    Elaine-- I HOPE that if we made a complete wreck of Monticello, that we at LEAST came away with the little gold spectacles that lay on top of his daily diary. I remember seeing those as a thirteen year old, and wanting them in the worst way! Not to keep, just for keeping, but I wanted to put them on and see what the world looked like from Thomas Jefferson's perspective. What do you suppose he would think of the crew that pulled up-- this Motley Crew of Americans he invested himself in.

    Actually, the person who REALLY interests me is George Washington. My daughter had to do a school report on him, and WOW is there just no END to the crazy things about him. Not gossipy type stuff, but just things that one would never expect. We'll have to go back in time and visit him, and get the scoop on some of his antics.

    Christina-- you can just hang on with us as you study. We won't leave you anywhere. Anything that happens on the thread happens to you, too. Unless of course you took a side trip and want to tell us about it.

    Well, this phase of the trip has been fun, but I think if we are already headed toward Graceland, then New England will have to be visited later. Elaine is the impatient one!

    So, when we DO visit all those places, we can go back in time and have a chat with the ForeFathers (and their wives who get no credit-- we'll get some good stories from them, too.)

    Okay, Nashville, Memphis, Graceland, ho! I have never been to those places, so someone-- DRIVE and someone else-- get on the microphone and tour guide.

    All of the people in the T-bird are tired, so we're just going to hitch ourselves onto Elaine's bus for a while, and see what happens.

    I have a feeling we'll end up with a recording contract from a major record label. We have so many great stories about all of our Road Trip adventures-- so how can we not be the best crooners and warblers the Grand Ole Opry has ever heard?

  18. desertlass

    desertlass New Member

    Yes, Elaine, I need to correct my statement. It is your rowdy bus people that like to keep things moving.

    However, if it weren't for your excellent driving skills, this trip would probably still be stuck back in L.A.

    It turns out that someone DID swipe Jefferson's spectacles, so now I am using them to drive with, and boy, does everything look different.

    What was busy freeways are now just quiet country lanes with wagons and buggies every great once in a while.

    However, all of the people around here really DO seem to pay homage to this King Elvis, regardless of his tiny kingdom.

    I think some of the villagers are a little overawed by all of the ruckus and strange sounds emanating from his castle at night.

    They seem a little worried that they're going to be made to Dance to a Jailhouse Rock.

    They say they have never seen this rock, nor the jailhouse in which it has been placed, but it must be a really tortuous practice judging from the wailing sounds that go on.

    Of course, we all know that it's just a couple of electric guitars, but we decide to keep that a secret.

    Okay, I'll bet that no one has ever visited Graceland in the year 1778, but with our Virtuality, anything is possible!!

    Okay, this ends the second leg of our cross-country tour.

    We will start back up again with a trip down the Ohio River on a steamboat where we can meet up with Mark Twain and do some proper river gambling.

    I grew up in Ohio, so I will take you through Amish country when we get there. (Elaine's bus will fit right in...)

    In the meantime, I will wait for some of our trippers to catch up with us.

    I think *I* need to catch up with us!

    love to all,
  19. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    Well, I didn't think Thomas Jefferson was really going to need those glasses. Just thought they would be a nice gift for that collector guy in Wisconsin. Didn't realize everyone would get so upset. My bad. And I have been so well behaved 'til now! sigh, mr Bill
  20. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    Ummm, maybe I just confessed to protect someone else. That's what I'll tell the police officer.

    It would be so in character for me, of course, to make a noble sacrifice for the good all:)

    I loved the innovations at Monticello. I especially like the bed. It was "built in" to wall, with curtains, and if he rolled out of bed to the left he would be in one room.

    If he rolled out of bed to right, he would be in another room.

    Of course, on this bus I never know where I will wake up. Cheers, Mr Bill

    Oh, I have the next four days off so I may need to take a brake for a few days.

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