Robaxin vs. Soma

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  1. Janalynn

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    Has anyone tried Robaxin? I've been using Soma 350 mgs for the past year. Sometimes helpful - sometimes not. I just returned from the rheumatologist and he prescribed Robaxin 750 mgs. Wants to see if it helps any better.
    I always thought Soma was the strongest. Any opinions?

    Cried through my whole appointment. In a lot of pain today and incredible stress. My husband got laid off on Friday - quite a shock.

    I did talk to the Dr. about my pain medication. He doesn't prescribe my PCP does. I asked about the safety issues. I take Oxycontin and Oxycodone (neither have Tylenol)-he said they were very safe medications - no problems to my body at all - the only problem is tolerance and I'll have to keep moving up and up. (huge problem to me!)

    Anyway - if anyone can share their experiences w/Robaxin, I'd greatly appreciate it!
    Thank you in advance!
    Can't stop crying.....
  2. marti_zavala

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    But I have never taken Soma.

    I am allowed to take up to two 750mg of Robaxin.

    I take 1/2 in morning and 1/2 to 1 at bedtime.

    It helps me with my muscle spasms and muscle pain. I do not feel sedative effects at these low doses but I don't take one when I have to go to town (driving).

    I think Soma works a little differently, affecting nerves to block pain messages to brain.

    I would try a new medication to see if it would help you. Sometimes we have to switch things around or our bodies build up a tolerance or immunity to them. Please make sure you know how to get off Soma. You have to wean off Robaxin, just an FYI.

    Sorry about your husband's job.
  3. dragon06

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    I have never tried Soma but I have been on didn't do anything for me...I am now on Skelaxin.
  4. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    Thank you marti and dragon for your responses! You're right, maybe switching things up a little bit might help me a bit more.
    Maybe I'm asking too much from the Soma. My muscles hurt so badly sometimes, maybe I'm getting as much relief as I'm going to get.
    I don't take it every day regularly, so I don't think I'll have a problem not taking it. My Dr. didn't mention anything about weaning off. hmmm.

    It is interesting how we all react so differently. I've tried Skelaxin - didn't do a darn thing for me - same with Flexiril.

    This doctor did mention trying Klonopin, then he said we'd try it after the Robaxin. While talking on the phone to my Mom, I was reading about it helping anxiety and Mom thought I should definitely call him and talk to him about it further. I'm just a mess lately. He did call some in for me.

    Never tried it before....anyone else? Klonopin experiences?
  5. poets

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    I'm on Robaxin. It doesn't really do much for me. Klonopin helps better but being a benzodiazepene it isn't as easy for me to get. Skelaxin didn't help much either. Flexeril was a bit better but the side effects were nasty. (Dry mouth and constipation.) I'd have to say Klonopin probably was the best out of all of them. Never tried Soma.

  6. meandkac

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    I have been on Soma for years now for my FM. I am not a nice person without it either. I have tried all the muscle relaxants and Soma and Flexril have all always been my picks.
    Soma and Flexril versuses Robaxin and Skelaxin is that Soma and Flexril are acute acting. Meaning that they work right way where as Robaxin and Skelaxin are ones you must take over a period of time and keep it in your body for it to work correctly.
    So if you are taking one of those you might need to give it up to 2 weeks for you to see any help.
    I didn't know this unitl my pain doc told me the difference and that is why we stuck to Soma because some day I don't need as much and other days I need it right then. Compared to have to wait for it to work and keep the dosage going up for it work better.
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    i had a rheumatologist for many years. took soma. sick in the 80s and then healed. then got lyme disease , ten years undiagnosied,and i have ulner nearve damage, fractured tailbone, arthropathy stenosis, failed neck fusions and much more , many hand surgeries and ao much pain, so now recently rheumatologist retired, new one i went to so mean and said i had refilles on all med, not true told her not seeking meds now , but when i ran out of my soma, primary gave me some soma, shes out of town alot told me to get another rheuma. she also left me over a week with no appointment and no meds. doc. today went to him. long story he got no report from my steady rheuma doc of 15 years . only the lady one who lied that i was seeking drug.i see tv shows people geting oxcodone etc and abuse. i do not do that. i had failed neck fusion, 11 hand surgeries, a pancreas transplant an elevator chrash left me in sooooooooooooooo much pain. how do you find a cmpasion ate pain doctor, i am in so cal. where are you guys>? read on net the DEA is trying tomake soma a class 3 controlled substanse , crazy when everyon e can get vicoden or other stuff especially i heardi n florida / also long wait to see doctors here. now have to go to other clinic to get administrator to have lady doctor come in and remove her lies. have ruined my reputation and had to sign paper agreeing to drug testing with new rheumatologist. so crazy have mris and also labral tear in hip, which he said is sooooooooo painful . any sugestions for getting good doctor.
  8. alex80

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    I also never taken Soma. But I've used Robaxin and Skelaxin and find that I rotate through them when needed when/if it isn't working as well.

    Not that I have all of these at home! LOL...I mean that my Dr. decides to write a new prescription if needed...

    Flexeril has been working well for me right now and yes...both this medication...nerve pain meds...and opiates are all very dehydrating! I drink a LOT of water every day and chew sugarless gum. The Trident with Xylitol is best the dentist said.

    I also get samples of Amrix from my Dr. when he has them....Which is the same medicine as Flexeril but in extended release.

    I hope the OP will come back to update and let us know how things went..
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