Rocephine anyone?

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    I was wondering if anyone who has or has had a Rocephine IV how they got their insurance company to pay for it, and if they were able to, how?
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    Hi Zena...

    I don't know how many here have had rocephine IVs... my son elected to go with oral over the iv. However if you look at there are a LOT of people who have had them.

    Have you started on it yet? I do remember reading that if one lived in certain states, that it was mandated by law that insurance companies had to pay at least for a certain period of IVs; mostly it seemed like for a time period of 30-60 days.

    Hope that helps,
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    Thank you for your reply Victoria. No, I have not started on IV's. I started treatment 2/08 and am still doing babesia treatment --started in on the lyme in October with oral minnocin at first, couldn't tolorate it, now on doxy......

    I was asking the question to help a friend who's insurance company refuses to pay for the treatment and I was seeing If I could find out anything that would help.

    Totally off topic but I found something interesting the other day when messing around on-line

    I found an article that said updated 4/08 about dogs and lyme that said: "Oregon had Lab results and surveys of veterinary clinics indicate that there have been over 500 reported cases in Oregon in the past year, with a majority being reported in the Southern Oregon area; however, many cases have also been reported in the Portland Metro area."

    and then I found this article on people saying years and how many reported each year for oregon:
    1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007
    Oregon 8 6 20 19 20 21 15 13 15 12 16 11 3 7 6

    SO only 6 People in 2007??????
    Now this scares the crap out of me -- makes me happy for my pets....but this is what my regular doctor would see so is why he hasn't bothered to learn anything about lyme. I didn't get to be counted by CDC because of their stupidly narrow reporting criteria. They need to put a place on their website where real people who have any diagnosis of lyme by any physician can be listed for their state -- then maybe they and others would really see what is going on out here. Do they not get it?

    I hate conspiracy theories and all that, but sometimes I wonder. I wonder if they don't know that 50 percent of the population is a time bomb and for whatever reason are hoping whatever they are hoping before it all comes out whenever.

    I know this may be silly, but my boyfriend has it and I don't think he got it from me or me from him....i think we just both have it (although he is not sick yet? he's positive igenex) I think my father has it, i think my mother has it (both pooh poohed it and mom said she has too many other health problems to worry about getting tested for it) I think a friend of mine has it and on an on. I think if they tested this entire town that 50% could test positive and this is a state where most doctors don't know anything at all about lyme nor even believe it is here. My own MD says that he's glad I'm getting help...but that he can't help with my treatment from my lyme doctor because he knows nothing about lyme.....and continues to see me for "fibromyalgia" and told me he'd continue to write Fibro in my least he's honest about not knowing anything about it but that scares me to death!!!!

    I think this is much much bigger than I can even imagine. And I do not understand why the CDC and others want no one to know about it.

    Thanks again for your reply.......
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    While I hate the needle sticks, I do like the benefits of IM Claforan. I give myself 1-2 IM shots per day. I pay $10 for the dried Abx powder, $25 for 6 bottles of 2% Lidocaine for reconstitution of the Abx, $10 for needles, and $10 for 3 ml syringes.

    An IV PICC line can't ever get wet. About 1 or in 5 PICC lines get infected which can cause sepsis and/or death. Far too many people need to be rushed to the ER to have the line pulled. That scares me so I stab my leg in a new spot everyday. I'm so used to it now it doesn't bother me anymore.

    The reason I didn't want a PICC line...

    I am a bath person so it would be too hard for me to give up my daily soak. Plus we have a year round pool and hot tub. It would be bad for my soul to have to give up my water things to treat this DD. I've given up far too much already to this crud in the last 27 years.

    A sleeve can be purchased to keep the line dry. Check on web for places to buy them if you decide to get the PICC line, BTW.

    Doctors conveniently use the diagnosis of FM because they can't get their medical license yanked for treating that. It's far more acceptable to treat FM rather than Lyme.

    Fibro is an outcome or end result of a Lyme infection for some people so if you have muscle pain it's a "legit" diagnosis in their minds. For others it's MS. For others it's ALS or CFS. Or possibly Lupus. It depends on your genetic weakness as to how Borrelia will affect you. Some people have it and have NO symptoms.

    What most people don't realize is that spirochetes like to live in cartilage, the eye, the heart, the brain (where oral Abx have a tough time reaching) and nerve cells. The FM tender points line up with the root of nerve cells. Check this on any chart of the body. When they press on those nerve roots we jump off the table and grimace in pain.

    I think the CDC and big insurers probably realized that it costs around $10K per person to treat neuro Lyme with IV Abx. That would bankrupt the insurance companies and the government.

    Sadly, the reporting criteria was changed at the Dearborn Conference. What a farce! What better way to screen out all of the neuro cases by eliminating band 31 and 34 from the Western Blot? Prior to the Dearborn Conference, serial western blots were the way they diagnosed Lyme Borreliosis.

    What I don't understand about the IDSA's (and the rest of the medical profession) logic is this....

    Band 31 or OSP A is what the now defunct Lyme disease vaccines were made from. If Band 31 is specific enough to prevent Lyme then why isn't having that band indicative of a raging Lyme infection?

    The Big Pharma companies cited lack of sales when they withdrew the Lyme vaccines from the market. The vaccine caused all of the immune suppression outcomes of Lyme but without the spirochetes.

    If you have Band 41 positive you've got Lyme, syphilis or dental disease. There are no other spirochete based diseases in humans. They said this in their patent applications. Those can be viewed in the US Government patent database.

    As long as they keep us all separated into our groups by our diagnosis, then most of the general population of sick folks will never figure out what is really behind their chronic illnesses.
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    Hopefully, I'm flying under my insurance companies radar by doing IM shots rather than IV. Maybe not.

    You'll need to get a copy of your policy to find out what they will cover. Be prepared to file an appeal for benefits. You'll have to follow the instructions in your policy to the letter in order to appeal. They like to deny deny deny for any reason they can find. Get in the habit of keeping meticulous records.

    If you've got Lyme brain that's hard to do!