Rock f amous Raeburns

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    I don't know if you plan on reading Barbara Kinsolvers book, Animal, Veg etc.

    - I can't for the life of me get into it but I have flicked through and read parts and......

    here's another famous Raeburn, a Scotsman who saved the UK from starvation in World War 11. He's on page 250 - so in case you miss it -

    'Dig, dig, dig and your muscles will grow big' - John Raeburn and agricultural economist organised the Dig for Victory campaign. British citizens rallied, planting crops in backyards, parks, golf courses, vacant lots and even the moat of the Tower of London. These urban gardens quickly produced twice the tonnage of food previously imported.

    He passed away in Edinburgh in 2006 -


    What an illustrious lot your Raeburn ancestors were!!!!
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    Thanks for the info. I guess once one starts tracing the family, it can become a never-ending saga. My aunt spent years at it. Even went back to New York and Massachsettes and made tracings from old gravestones.

    I put the Kingsolver book on hold in July. I was number 169 on the list. Have never gotten it. This illustrates that putting a new, popular book on our list is not a good idea.

    But who knew Barbara Kingsolver was a popular author? I sure didn't.

    I am sending the Raeburn info to my siblings. I had never heard about John Raeburn before.

    Tusan Taak (thousand thanks)
    as some of my other ancestors said.